Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Comments: From the “Seiumbeka Guard” to a “Smaller Indigenous People” Irek Atnagulov Pages 95-100
Response to the Commenter: The Nagaibaks Online – Ethnic Leadership in Cyberspace Andrei Golovnev / Svetlana Belorussova Pages 101-107
Special Theme of the Issue: Anthropology Social and Philosophical (guest editor E.G. Trubina)
Philosophical and Non-Philosophical Anthropology: Epistemological Privileges and Appropriations (An Introduction) Elena G. Trubina Pages 5-12
“The Attitude of Modernity” of Ignat Abdiralovich: The Belorussian Borderland as an Exemplary Ground for Philosophical Universalism Tatiana Shchyttsova Pages 13-27
“Between Where We Are and Where We Could Be”: The Locus of the Philosophical in Anthropology Elena V. Miskova Pages 28-42
Anthropology without Ethnography: M. Scheler’s Philosophy of War and the Search for the “Nature of Man” Andrey S. Menshikov Pages 43-58
Philosophy in Anthropology: Learning Concepts from Life Elena G. Trubina Pages 59-77
On the Individual’s Role in Ethnohistory: Alexei Mametiev and the Ethnic Construction of the Nagaibaks Andrei Golovnev / Svetlana Belorussova Pages 78-94
Constructing Reality
“Iron Symbols of the Iron Age”: The Practice of “Nagelung” in Germany and Austria-Hungary during the First World War Alexander Medyakov Pages 108-127
The Ethnic-Cultural Image of Tatarstan and Its Regional Branding Promotion: The Strategy and Evaluation of the Political Elite Guzel I. Makarova Pages 128-145
The State Policy of Identity in Uzbekistan during the Late Soviet Period and the Age of Independence Abdullah Daudov / Bakhtiyor A. Alimdjanov / Artem Andreev / Vladimir Shorokhov / Denis Yanchenko Pages 146-161
The Peoples of Pamir, Their Languages and the Census: The Ethnic Discourse Tokhir Kalandarov Pages 162-178
Research Articles
How Street Youth Groups Emerge (The Case of a Small Town) Dmitrii Gromov Pages 179-195
Review of Arctic Pastoralist Sakha: Ethnography of Evolution and Microadaptation in Siberia, by Hiroki Takakura. Liudmila Missonova Pages 196-199
Review of Fenomen kolonizatsii [The Phenomenon of Colonization], by A. V. Golovnev. Tatiana D. Solovei Pages 200-203
Review of “Bespokoinyi Klementz”. Opyt intellektual’noi biografii [“The Anxious Klementz”: An Attempt at an Intellectual Biography], by O. A. Milevsky and A. B. Panchenko. Anna A. Sirina Pages 204-208

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