Issue 6

  • Volume: 483
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Twisted Homology of Configuration Spaces and Homology of Spaces of Equivariant Maps V. Vasyliev Pages 597-601
On Bilinear Hardy–Steklov Operators Pankaj Jain / Saykat Kanjilal / Vladimirovich Stepanov / Elena Ushakova Pages 602-605
Denial of the Le Barse conjecture on the law of zero or one for existential monadic formulas Maxim Zhukovskii / S. Popova Pages 606-608
On the Finiteness of Hyperelliptic Fields with the Special Properties and Periodic Expansion of √f / M. Petrunin / Vladimir Zhgun / Yuriy Shteynikov Pages 609-613
Soft randomized machine learning Yuriy Popkov Pages 614-615
Numerical Modeling of the Failure of Ti-Al Intermetallic Nanocrystal by the Method of Molecular Dynamics S. Kiselev Pages 616-619
On Generalized Law of Heat Conductivity in the Reverse Thermodynamics of the Deformation of a Continuous Medium E. Lomakin / P. Belov / S. Lurie / L. Rabinskiy Pages 620-624
Symmetric Mode of Elastic Solid Wedge with Opening Close to Flat Angle G. Zavorokhin / S. Nazarov / A. Nazarov Pages 625-628
The Vorticity on an Axisymmetric Body Surface behind Detached Shock Wave Vladimir Levin / Vladimir Markov / Grigoriy Sizykh Pages 629-631
Influence of carbon nanotubes on the propellant combustion catalysis regularities Anatoliy Denisyuk / Yuriy Milekhin / Larisa Demidova / Vladimir Sizov Pages 632-634
Crystal Structure of the 2D Dimensional Coordination Polymer {[Cu(dps)2(DMSO)2](ClO4)2}n Based on 4,4/ -Dipyridyl Sulfide Yuliya Tupolova / Igor Shcherbakov / Leonid Popov / Valeriy Tkachev / Anna S. Chetverikova / Gennadiy Shilov / Sergey Aldoshin Pages 635-639
Influence of conditions of synthesis on the size of copper nanoparticles and on the modes of ignition and combustion of copper nanopowder in the air M. Alymov / Nikolay Rubtsov / Boris Seplyarskiy / V. Zelenskii / Alexey Ankudinov / Georgiy Tsvetkov / Viktor Chernysh Pages 640-644
Crystallization of phases in the system СеРО4–NaF Leonid Delitsyn / Vladimir Sinelshchikov / V. Batenin / Georgiy Sychyov / Tatiana Borodina / Georgiy Valiano Pages 645-649
Electrical Resistance of Cu-Zr Melts Vladimir Filippov / Denis Yagodin / Konstantin Shunyayev / Leopold Leontiev Pages 650-653
Anomaly high δ34S values of edifices at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: the closed system effect in the sulfide generation zone Elena Dubinina / Olga Stavrova / Nikolay Bortnikov Pages 654-657
New Approach to 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Combustion Events: a Case Study from the Late Pleistocene Coal Fires in Goose Lake Depression (Transbaikalia) Sofia Novikova / Nikolay Murzintsev / Alexey Trаvin / Ellina Sokol / Arnold Tulokhonov Pages 658-661
Distribution of Rare Metals and Rare-Earth Elements in Brown Coal Deposits Of the Upper and Medium Priamurie / Andrey Konyushok Pages 662-665
Local Occurrence of the Relationship Between the Variations of the Earth Rotational Velocity and the Seismicity Dynamics on the Example of Sakhalin Island. B. Levin / E. Sasorova / A. Zakupin / P. Kamenev Pages 666-669
Molecular-electronic hydrophone for low-frequency research of the world ocean ambient noise. Dmitry Zaytsev / Svetlana Avdyukhina / Vadim Agafonov / Alexandr Bugayev / Egor Egorov Pages 670-672
Changes in the Radiation State of the Yenisey Gulf Bottom Sediments Alexey Miroshnikov / Mikhail Flint / Elena Dubinina / Enver Asadulin / Sergey Shchuka / Anna Usacheva Pages 673-676
Conjugates of tacrine and its cyclic homologues with p-toluenesulfonamide are novel acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors Galina Makhayeva / Nadezhda Kovaleva / Sofia Lushchekina / Elena Rudakova / Natalia Boltneva / Alexey Proshin / Boris Lednev / Igor Serkov / Sergey Bachurin Pages 677-681
Identification and analysis of VTC2 homologs encoding key enzyme of L-ascorbic acid biosynthesis in tomato species (Solanum section of Lycopersicon) Daria Tyapkina / Elena Kochiyeva / Mariya Slugina Pages 682-686
Calcium as a Modulator of Adenylate Cyclase Activity of Potato Plant Cells During Bacterial Pathogenesis Nadezhda Filinova / Lidiya Lomovatskaya / Anatoliy Romanenko / Ryurik Salyayev Pages 687-689
Silver-Containing Nanocomposites of Huminic Substances – Agents For Healing of Potatoes from the Ring Rot / Alla Perfilieva / Olga Nozhkina / Boris Sukhov / Galina Alexandrova / Pages 690-693
The Change of Entomopathogenic Properties of Streptomycin Resistance Bacillus Thuringiensis Olga Polenogova / Viktor Glupov Pages 694-696

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