Issue 9

  • Volume: 58
  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Analytical solution of the problem of plasma oscillations in a half-space with diffuse boundary conditions A. Latyshev / S. Suleymanova Pages 1564-1582
Mixed problem for homogeneous wave equation with non-zero initial velocity A. Khromov Pages 1583-1596
Local-one-dimensional difference schemes for parabolic equations in media with "memory" Z. Beshtokova / M. Lafisheva / M. Shkhanukov-Lafishev Pages 1531-1542
Construction of divergent forms of conservation equations for diatomic gas based on the model kinetic equation I. Kostromin / V. Rykov Pages 1543-1552
Analytical and numerical study of the combustion process in a nonlinear medium M. Korpusov / D. Lukyanenko / A. Nekrasov Pages 1553-1563
Dual equilibrium search methods in mixed flow distribution models in large transport networks A. Gasnikov / E. Gasnikova / Yu. Nesterov Pages 1447-1454
Numerical solution of a system of differential equations for probability measures A. Noarov Pages 1455-1461
Immersed boundaries method for numerical simulation of inviscid compressible flows Ilya Abalakin / N. Zhdanova / T. Kozubskaya Pages 1462-1471
Stability of stationary solutions of radiative heat transfer equations G. Grenkin / A. Chebotarev Pages 1472-1477
Application of a scheme with hybrid dissipation in solving problems of computational aeroacoustics Yu. Deryugin / Ya. Emelyanova / R. Zhuchkov / A. Utkina Pages 1478-1487
On the monotony of a cabaret scheme approximating a hyperbolic system of conservation laws Olyana Kovyrkina / V. Ostapenko Pages 1488-1504
Using the cabaret scheme for the numerical approximation of the equations of the two-fluid model E. Usov / V. Chukhno Pages 1505-1516
On the n-theorem for systems of chemical kinetics with continuous and discrete time and on the system of equations of nucleosynthesis S. Adzhiev / V. Vedenyapin / S. Filippov Pages 1517-1530

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