Issue 2

  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
[Review of the book:] N. Levshina. How to do linguistics with R. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2015 Alexander Piperski Pages 134-139
[Review of the book:] I. A. Seržant, B. Wiemer (eds.). Contemporary approaches to dialectology: The area of North, North-West Russian and Belarusian dialects. Bergen: University of Bergen, 2014 Dmitri V. Sitchinava Pages 139-147
[Review of the book:] J. Marvan. Jazyk. Jeho český příběh: Prvních tisíc let 800—1800: Malý průvodce cestami české lingvoekologie. Praha: Nakladatelství Karolinum, 2015 Andrey Izotov Pages 147-149
[Review of the book:] M. Hassandoust. Farhang-e riše-šenāxti-ye zabān-e fārsi [An etymological dictionary of the Persian language]. ǰeld-e 1—5. Tehrān: Farhangestān-e zabān va adab-e fārsi, 1393/2014 Joy Edelman / Elena Molchanova Pages 149-159
[Review of the book:] E. van Gelderen (ed.). Cyclical change continued. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2016 Maria V. Shkapa Pages 131-133
Unreal conditional clause and independent clause of optative condition: Problems of grammatical status Michail L. Kotin Pages 109-130
Syntactic properties of the Russian enclitic že: Corpus-based and experimental approaches Evdokia Valova / Natalia Slioussar Pages 33-48
Was Proto-Indo-European an active language? (towards the typology of PIE) Konstantin Krasukhin Pages 49-76
Syntactic relations of nominals in the North Western Iranian languages (with special focus on Mazandarani and Gilaki) Vladimir Ivanov / Leyli Dodykhudoeva Pages 77-95
Overlap of prosodic constituents in Old Souletin Basque Natalia Zaika Pages 96-108
Double semantic roles in direct and metaphorical meanings of polysemous verbs Valentina Apresjan Pages 7-32

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