Issue 3

  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Linguistics: what and how? Vladimir M. Alpatov Pages 7-21
Birchbark letters from Novgorod excavations of 2014 Alexey Gippius / Andrey A. Zaliznyak Pages 22-31
Paradigmatic accent systems Vladimir A. Dybo Pages 32-51
Noun phrase structure in articleless languages: universality and variation Ekaterina A. Lyutikova / Asya Pereltsvaig Pages 52-69
Derivational synonymy in the old Germanic languages (a case study of Gothic, Old Icelandic and Old High German) Irina V. Novitskaya Pages 70-89
Avtonomizmus, socializmus and idiotizmus: European loanwords in Hebrew, 1917—1918 Sonya B. Yampolskaya Pages 90-109
M. M. Makartsev. Evidentsial’nost’ v prostranstve balkanskogo teksta [Evidentiality in the space of the Balkan text]. Moscow; St. Petersburg: Nestor-Istoriya, 2014 Peter M. Arkadiev Pages 110-116
I. A. Seržant, L. Kulikov (eds). The diachronic typology of non-canonical subjects. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2013 Maria V. Shkapa Pages 116-121
O. Inkova, M. di Filippo, F. Esvan (a cura di). L’architettura del testo. Studi contrastivi slavo-romanzi. Alessandria: Edizioni dell’Orso, 2014 Roman A. Govorukho / Irina M. Kobozeva Pages 121-130
V. Mattes. Types of reduplication. A case study of Bikol. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2014 Fedor I. Rozhanskiy Pages 131-135
Academic life
VIII All-Russian scientific conference «Forefront issues on classical philology and comparative historical linguistics» Lilia T. Leushina / Tatiana A. Demeshkina Pages 136-138
IV International symposium «Terminology and knowledge» Serguey D. Shelov / Alexey E. Tsumarev Pages 138-144
VII International conference on historical lexicography and lexicology (ICHLL2014) Kira I. Kovalenko Pages 144-146
Etymological symposium «Etymological research of Old Church Slavonic: from the Slavonic, Indo-European and general linguistic perspective». Brno, 2014 Zhanna Zh. Varbot / Lyubov’ V. Kurkina Pages 146-149
International workshop «Grammatical hybridization and social conditions». Leipzig, 2014 Daria V. Konior Pages 149-153
International conference «The heritage of Yuri Maslov: Linguistic ideas and their evolution» Elena L. Vilinbakhova / Natalia M. Zaika / Maksim L. Fedotov Pages 154-159

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