Issue 3

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  • Volume: 43
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Towards the 90th Anniversary of IHST RAS
The Development of Russian History of Technology in the 20th Century Vladimir Gvozdetsky Pages 449-469
Problems of Scientific Creativity in the Works of M. G. Yaroshevsky and His School Elena A. Volodarskaya / Kirill Rossiianov / Irina Sirotkina Pages 470-489
Social History of Science
Caricatures of Scientists: Problems of Source Analysis Roman Fando Pages 490-512
Lessons from History
On Amateurism in the 18th-Century Russian Science: The Case of Grigory Demidov and His Garden in Solikamsk Olga Elina Pages 513-542
Historical Reviews
The History of Aeroflot (1932–1991) Laskovaya Sobolev Pages 543-567
Sources for the History of Science and Technology
The 1927 Soviet Manual on Social Hygiene: The Transfer of Ideas and a New Methodology Yulia Kirik / Pavel Ratmanov Pages 568-598
1933 Arctic Expedition on the Icebreaking Steamer A. Sibiryakov: Personal Diary of the Microbiologist B. L. Isachenko Alexandra Brovina / Svetlana Egorova Pages 599-616
Book Reviews
S. Fuller. Kuhn vs. Popper: The Struggle for the Soul of Science (Moscow, 2020), ISBN 978-5-88373-640-6 Elena Zheltova Pages 617-622
W. Isaacson. The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race (New York; London; Toronto; Sydney; New Delhi, 2021), ISBN 978-1-9821-1585-2 Galina Krivosheina Pages 623-628
R. A. Fando (ed.) History of Biology: An Annotated Catalog of the Doctor and Candidate of Science Dissertations: 1944–2021 (Moscow, 2022), ISBN 978-5-8037-0855-1, Natalia Rostovskaya Pages 629-632
Books in Brief
Books in Brief Marina Shleeva Pages 633-636
Academic Life
International Conference of the Russian National Committee on the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Sobisevich Pages 637-645
Events in Brief
Events in Brief Editorial Office of the Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki journal Pages 646-649

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