Issue 2

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  • Volume: 41
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
From the History of Science
The Contribution of V. I. Vernadsky and A. P. Vinogradov to Heavy Water Studies and to the Emergence of Isotope Studies in the USSR Loriana Vinogradova Pages 230-243
Social History of Science
“The Case of Professor V. M. Danchakova,” Or the Difficult Years of a Russian American in the Country of the Soviets Roman Fando Pages 244-279
At the Moscow’s Mathematical Front: From the History of Reorganization of the Moscow Mathematical Society in 1930 Galina Smirnova Pages 280-310
From the History of Technology
B. S. Jacobi’s Works in the Field of Electric Telegraphy: Results and Comparative Analysis of Their Novelty Nina Borisova Pages 311-333
Lessons from History
The Role of the All-Russian Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments in the Identification, Examination, and Conservation of Industrial Heritage Monuments in 1960–1990 Elizaveta Lakhtionova Pages 334-345
Sources for the History of Science and Technology
On an Unknown Review of D. D. Ivanenko’s Article by S. I. Vavilov A. Vaganov Pages 346-357
Institutions and Museums
The Activities of the Polytechnic Museum’s Chemical Laboratory in the 1920s – 1930s Alla Nudel Pages 358-372
Brief Communications
Methods and Means of Stereoscopic Photography On-Board Manned Spacecrafts: A Historical Overviewe Dmitrii Shcherbinin Pages 373-384
Calendar of Jubilee Dates
Calendar of Jubilee Dates Marina Shleeva Pages 385-387
Essay Review
The History of Genetics in St. Petersburg in the Mirror of Jubilee Publications Eduard Kolchinskii Pages 388-409
Book Reviews
Bogatova, T. V. Vladimir Sergeyevich Gulevich. 1867–1933 (Moscow, 2017), ISBN 978-5-02-040009-2 Tatiana Kursanova Pages 410-417
Valkova, O. A. Storming the Citadel of Science: Women Scientists in the Russian Empire (Moscow, 2018), ISBN 978-5-4448-0953-2 Galina Liubina Pages 418-422
Avshister, O. D. A Man ahead of Time: The Recollections about Professor L. E. Olifson (Orenburg, 2018) Nikolay Shevlyuk Pages 423-427
Books in Brief
Books in Brief Marina Shleeva Pages 428-431
Academic Life
The International Scientific Conference “History of Science and Technology: Sources, Monuments, Legacy” Ekaterina Minina / Nadezda Osipova Pages 432-439
JMR Moscow 2019. World Rabies Day Tatiana Uliankina Pages 440-444
Events in Brief
Events in Brief Editorial Office of the Voprosy Istorii Estestvoznaniia i Tekhniki journal Pages 445-447
Dissertations Marina Shleeva Pages 448-449

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