University Cultures in Britain, America, China, and Russia

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A comparative analysis of the four aspects (knowledge, institution, academics and society) of British, American, Russian and Chinese university cultures demonstrate mores clearly original and resultant cultural life of the educational institutions of these four countries in the process of transformation of educational models and a wider dissemination of knowledge. On the one hand, they all feature specifics of their national, government and social cultures and the global educational culture of the third level, and on the other hand, there is also a general trend of convergence/divergence. A low ability to acquire new knowledge characteristic of Chinese educational institutions determines main drawback of respective culture – the lack of respect for the truth and the spirit of striving for it, i.e. low levels of research centered atmosphere.

KeywordsUK, USA, Russia, China, college, university, culture, contrast
Publication date10.02.2021
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