Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory. Methodology
Reflections on Modern Russian Sociology and Its Prospects Šubrt Jiří Pages 5-15
Social Development in the Modern Era. А Theoretical and Sociological Study of New Reality Azer G. Efendiev Pages 16-27
To the Origins of Russian Social Worldview: the Theme of "Grace” Irina A. Shmerlina Pages 28-37
Sochial policies. Social structure
Middle-Class Perceptions of Inequality Compared to Other Russians: Consensus or Disagreement? Svetlana Mareeva Pages 38-49
New Approach to Assessment of Social Development Dmitry V. Ivanov Pages 50-62
Civil Society as an Agent of Social Influence (the Case of Novosibirsk Oblast) Nadezhda D. Vavilina / Galina B. Parshukova / Oleg D. Romannikov Pages 63-74
Sociology of mass communications
New Dimension of Social Development: Activities and Creativity in the Internet Communications Yuri V. Asochakov / Elena S. Bogomiagkova / Dmitry V. Ivanov Pages 75-86
Transformation of the Internet as a Space of Public and Political Communications: From Globalization to Glocalization Yulia D. Artamonova / Sergey Volodenkov Pages 87-97
Sociology of education
Resource Potential of Non-Formal Education in the Human Capital Development (the case of Tyumen oblast) Marina N. Kicherova / Galina Efimova / Maxim Yu. Semenov Pages 98-109
Sociology of youth
Students of the Digital Age: Life Meanings in the Realities of Belarusian Society Vadim F. Gigin / Zhanna M. Grishchenko Pages 110-120
Discussion. Polemics
Social Consequences of the Transformations in the World of Work in the Context of the Economic Globalization Vitalina A. Butkaliuk Pages 121-131
Sociological journalism
University Cultures in Britain, America, China, and Russia Chunlei Yang / Zhengxiang Tang / Tiantian Zhao Pages 132-139
Academic events
Intelligences: The Variety of Styles and Ways of Life Elena A. Kolosova Pages 140-143
Sociology in the Tyumen Region – 2020 Maria M. Akulich / Maxim Yu. Semenov Pages 143-145
Sociohumanities Knowledge and Digitalization of Medical Education and Healthcare Nadezhda V. Prisyazhnaya / Sergey V. Pavlov Pages 146-148
Sociological Forum in Crimea Angela N. Dyachenko Pages 148-149
Reflection on a new book
On Transformation of the Role and Meanings of Fatherhood in Russia Today Olga N. Bezrukova Pages 150-155
Book reviews
Kanarsh G.Yu. Justice, Democracy, Capitalism: Ways of Russia's Modernization in the XXI Century. Moscow: LENAND, 2020. 304 p. Reviewed by Yu.V. Latov. Yuri Latov Pages 156-160
Middle-Class Perceptions of Inequality Compared to Other Russians: Consensus or Disagreement? Khun Chen Pages 160-164

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