Issue 8

  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Formation of a social state as a way of successful evolution of society Nikolay I. Lapin Pages 3-11
Solidarity Marie-Claude Blais Pages 12-21
Russians of Kazakhstan: geodemographic dynamics of the post-soviet period and prospects the first half of the XXI century Sergey Ya. Sushchiy Pages 22-37
Colonization of the Asian part of Russia: the features of implementation and geopolitical consequences Leonid Rybakovsky Pages 38-47
Emigration from Russia: about conceptual categories Sergey Ryazantsev Pages 48-53
Modern media landscape: diversity and fragmentation Mikhail Nazarov Pages 54-64
Representing violence in cinema industries Kirill Tarasov Pages 65-73
Topological characteristics of the Buddhist Community in the VKontakte social network Timur Badmatsyrenov / Fedor Khandarov / Maxim Skvortsov Pages 74-82
Mass communication and information consumption specifics in the Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Kostina / Aleksandr Kuzmin / Galina Bannykh / Elena Zaborova Pages 83-90
Employment after universities on the materials of the Russian statistics committee survey Galina A. Cherednichenko Pages 91-101
Competitiveness of the working youth on the basis of self-assessment (according to a surve in the Tyumen region) Gennady Shafranov-Kutsev / Galina Efimova Pages 102-107
Civil identity of modern students: features and factors of transformation Alexey Magranov / Liudmila Detochenko Pages 108-116
Symbols of the Russian state in consciousness of the student youth Vladimir Vorob'ev / Ekaterina Eremina / Sergey Nedel'ko Pages 117-127
Growing male prostitution in Russia as a social problem Aleksandr Smirnov Pages 128-133
Gender aspects of sexual exploitation of the humans Inna Alikhadzhieva Pages 134-142
Regeneration of the nomenclature as a ruling social stratum in the post-soviet Russia Yuliy A. Nisnevich Pages 143-152
On political regimes in the history and contemporary Russia: notes of a political scientist Soviet state Sergei Magaril Pages 153-161
Is the relevance of labor's studying restored?! (About the Second international forum of labour) Ruben V. Karapetyan / Galina A. Menshikova Pages 162-164
The First Forum of the 'Russian Professorial Conference' Grigory N. Krainov Pages 165-166
Introduction to sociology of engineering. systems, design, models of education: training mannual Elena Gavrilina Pages 167-168
Engineering dynasties in Russia Oksana Subocheva / Aleksandra Kazakova Pages 169-172

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