Colonization of the Asian part of Russia: the features of implementation and geopolitical consequences

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Occupation: Chief Scientific Fellow
Affiliation: Institute of Socio-Political Research, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 8

   The article considers the essence and peculiarities of the colonization of the Asian regions of Russia, compares it to similar processes, the implementation of which by Western European countries in America and other parts of the world began a century earlier. There are revealed fundamental differences in the methods, forms and purposes of settlement and development of new territories, as well as common features inherent in both Russian and all other colonization processes. The author identifies advantages that are inherent in the Russian colonization (unity of the territory, absence of destruction of the indigenous population in the developed areas, their settlement by citizens of their own country, etc.). The economic and geopolitical significance of the colonization of Siberia and the Far East is shown for the present and future of Russia. The paper substantiaties the differences between such concepts as "colonization", "colonialism", "re­settlement". Author's ideas about criteria of the beginning and end of the process of colonization of popu­lated territories are given.

Keywords colonization, resettlement, migration, colonialism, cossacks, exiles, natives, indigenous people, migrants
Publication date14.10.2018
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