Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Issues of Modern Russian Language
The Symbol “Salt” and Its Reflection in the Russian Phraseology Anna A. Aleshina Pages 7-17
Names of Modern Fashionable Footwear: from Fiction to the Internet Mems Anastasiya V. Veshnyakova Pages 18-26
Intertextual Vocabulary of a Literary Character (Based on the Novel “Candle” by Valery Zalotukha) Maria M. Voznesenskaya Pages 27-38
Two active semantic processes in concrete vocabulary Olga P. Ermakova Pages 39-47
Orthoepy and Writing Maria L. Kalenchuk Pages 48-54
A Definition is Impossible, Pardon! / A Pardon is Impossible, Define! The Functioning of the Unit v Smysle in Russian Oral Speech (in Terms of Transitivity Theory) Tatiana S. Sulimova Pages 55-69
Interpretation of Religious Vocabulary Units in the General Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language Alexey E. Tsumarev Pages 70-84
From the History of the Russian Language
Hemp Processing, Spinning and Some Elements of Weaving in the First Half of the 20th с. (On the Example of Sub-dialect of Podgornoe Village Voronezh Region) Lyubov V. Nedostupova Pages 85-98
The History of the Word Interventsiya in Russian Elena Ya. Shmeleva Pages 99-110
The Language of Fiction
Conjunction “But” as a Speech Characteristic of Chekhov’s Character (Based on the Material of the Story “The Lady with the Dog”) Nikolai V. Kapustin Pages 111-119
Science and Persons
Wonderful school teacher Mikhail V. Panov Valentina Yukalova Pages 120-123
In Memory of Leonid L. Kasatkin (1926–2020) Olga Rovnova Pages 124-127

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