Issue 3

  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Homo dominus. Marks of property in Northern Mesopotamia of the late primitive period Rauf Munchaev / Shakhmardan Amirov Pages 9-22
Alanian burial of the 3rd century AD with a ceramic table Zarina Albegova / Vladimir Yu. Malashev Pages 23-35
The capabilities of neutron tomography in archaeology on an example of the study of Old Russian jewelry from the Tver hoard of 2014 Irina Saprykina / Sergey Kichanov / Denis Kozlenko / Evgeniy Lukin Pages 36-42
Technological analysis of medieval crucibles from Pereyaslavl Ryazanskiy Vladimir I. Zavyalov / Olga Lopatina / Vasiliy Sudakov Pages 43-51
Double-sided medallion-icon found on the Moscow-Siberian road Vyacheslav I. Molodin Pages 52-57
Mesolithic blade stemmed point tradition of Northeast Asia Sergey Slobodin Pages 58-74
Architectural and planning design of Sintashta-Petrovka settlements and the issue of the Bronze Age warfare Igor Chechushkov / Artem Yakimov / Gligor Dakovic Pages 75-92
From Byzantium to Muscovy: new materials (to the 70th anniversary of L.A. Belyaev)
On the period of functioning of a pottery workshop in Jericho (based on the materials from 2017 excavations) Larisa A. Golofast / Aleksey Voroshilov Pages 97-110
A “reliquary” cum grano salis Vladimir Petrukhin Pages 111-116
Fatal woman of the 10th century through the eyes of medieval miniature painters Aleksey Chernetsov Pages 117-122
New investigations of the Smyadyn area in Smolensk Nikolay A. Krenke / Ivan N. Ershov Pages 123-133
On the structure in the prothesis of Sts Boris and Gleb Church in Kideksha Vladimir V. Sedov Pages 134-140
Metal mirror of Chinese type from Veliky Novgorod Oleg Oleynikov / Konstantin Rudenko Pages 141-152
On iconographic sources of the carving of early Moscow churches Andrey Batalov Pages 153-163
The seal of a seventeenth century tile craftsman from the New Jerusalem monastery Olga N. Glazunova Pages 164-167
Inventories by I.F. Michurin as a source for studying the material culture of the 16th–17th centuries: the modem palace and churches of Kolomenskoye Svetlana I. Baranova Pages 168-176
Review of Books
Earliest States of Eastern Europe. 2015: Economic systems of Eurasia in the Early Middle Ages Alexander V. Akopyan Pages 177-182
Stolyarova Е.К. The Glass of Medieval Moscow: The 12th –14th centuries Yu. Likhter Pages 183-185

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