Issue 6

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  • Volume: 40
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Social psychology
Big data analysis in psychology and social sciences: perspective directions of research T. Nestik / A. L. Zhuravlev Pages 5-17
Developmental psychology
Subjective well-being in russian primary schoolchildren: the effect of family factors I. Leto / A. Varshal / E. Petrenko / E. Slobodskaya Pages 18-30
Psychology of professional activity
Mental performance dynamics: part ii. psychological features of 2-year and 4-year cycles V. Tolochek Pages 31-43
Ethnic and cross-cultural psycholody
Ratio of ethnic and civil identity in armenian youth with different length of staying in Armenia A. Berberyan / H. Berberyan / O. Tuchena Pages 44-54
History of psychology
Psychological health of personality: to history of the issue in domestic psychology G. Nikiforov / Z. Dudchenko Pages 55-65
Psychology and society
Modern tendencies of russian businessmen professional orientations to social responsibility principles N. Zhuravleva Pages 66-75
Methods and procedures
Revised version of optimistic attributional style questionnaire T. Gordeeva / O. Sychev / Evgeny N. Osin / V. Titova Grandchamp Pages 76-86
The biosocial problem in the context of global psychological science: concerningthe “universal” human psychology Irina Mironenko / A. L. Zhuravlev Pages 87-98
The vectors of development of the countries in a combined space cultural dimensions N. Lebedeva / Alexander Tatarko Pages 99-111
Memorable dates
Knight of mathematics and logic in psychology: Gennady Sukhodolsky F. Sergeev Pages 112-116
Scientific life
V international scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of mass consciousness research” V. Konstantinov / N. Khashchenko Pages 117-118

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