Issue 5

  • Volume: 39
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Social Psychology
Socio-psychological determination of the individual's readiness to use new technologies T. Nestik / A. Zhuravlev Pages 5-14
Psychology of Personality
Differential-psychological aspects of the perception of everyday stressors L. Golovey / O. Strizhitskaya Pages 15-25
Developmental Psychology
The relationship of individual characteristics and behavioral problems of children: the mediating role of parental education S. Loginova Pages 26-36
Psychology of Professional Activity
Profession as a vector in the N-dimensional space of activity elements V. Savelev Pages 37-45
Correspondence between the heart rate complexity and system characteristics of performed behavior A. Bakhchina / A. Demidovsky / Yu. Alexandrov Pages 46-58
History of Psychology
The value of the works of V. N. Miasishchev for the development of the social psychology A. Zhuravlev / V. Pozniakov Pages 59-68
Milestones of creative biography And scientific Outlook of p. ya. Galperin A. Zhdan Pages 69-77
Moscow psychological Institute named after L. G. Shchukin in the correspondence of G. I. Chelpanov and E. Titchener (1910-1924) E. Dolgova Pages 78-86
Methods and Procedures
Adaptation on a russian sample of the short version of experience in close relationships-revised questionnaire K. Chistopolskaya / O. Mitina / S. Enikolopov / E. Nikolaev / G. Semikin / S. Chubina / S. Ozol / S. Drovosekov Pages 87-98
The network organisation as a way of integration of psychology Tat'yana V. Kornilova Pages 99-105
Psychological science in the framework of tecnomasio F. Sergeev Pages 106-108
Interaction of man and the world in the paradigm of conflictology N. Leonov Pages 109-112
Psychological Publicism
Oblomov, or the prison of love Alexander Tkhostov Pages 113-122
Our jubilees
70-th anniversary of Yuri Iosifovich Alexandrov Psychological Journal Pages 123-125

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