Issue 4

  • Volume: 82
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the controllability properties of hinged closed mechanisms O. Kaymov Pages 403-413
About a constructive algorithm for studying the stability of the equilibrium state of a periodic Hamiltonian system with two degrees of freedom in the case of a first-order resonance B. Bardin / E. Chekina Pages 414-426
The movement of a symmetric carriage on omni-wheels with massive rollers K. Gerasimov / Aleksandra Zobova Pages 427-440
On the application of the theory of shallow water for modeling wave flows with hydraulic burs Vladimir Ostapenko Pages 441-458
Non-local solutions of singular problems of mathematical physics and mechanics S. Lurie / V. Vasilyev Pages 459-471
The equations of hydro- and thermodynamics of the atmosphere with low inertia forces compared with gravity R. Nigmatulin Pages 472-484
Local elastic energy in polymer composites with spherical microcapsules filled with grease and dispersed inclusions of alkali free glass V.V. Bardushkin / V.I. Kolesnikov / I.V. Kolesnikov / F.V. Myasnikov / A.P. Sychev / V.B. Yakovlev Pages 485-497
Basics of the modified finite element method for solving boundary problems of structural mechanics of thin-walled structures U.I. Vinogradov / D.B. Molchanov Pages 498-510
A method for solving a boundary value problem for a system of hyperbolic equations describing motion in a gas-lift process F.A. Aliev / M.A. Jamalbekov / R.M. Tagiev / A.P. Guliev / N.A. Aliev Pages 511-518
Method for determining the dynamic characteristics of a gas reservoir with a creeping porous medium B.Z. Kazymov Pages 519-523

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