A method for solving a boundary value problem for a system of hyperbolic equations describing motion in a gas-lift process

Publication type Article
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Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku, Azerbaijan
Institute of Information Technology, ANAS, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: Azerbaijanm, Baku
Affiliation: NIPI Neftegaz of SOCAR, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: Azerbaijanm, Baku
Affiliation: Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: Azerbaijanm, Baku
Affiliation: Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: Azerbaijanm, Baku
Affiliation: Baku State University City Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan
Address: Azerbaijanm, Baku
Journal namePrikladnaia matematika i mekhanika


Keywordshyperbolic system, mathematical model, gaslift, eigenvalue problem.
Publication date15.10.2018
Number of characters521
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