Alexander V. Mal’ko

Doctor of Law

Professor of the Department of state and legal disciplines

Volga Institute (branch) of the All-Russian state University of justice (Russian law Academy of the Ministry of justice of Russia)


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Legal life of modern society: negative and positive (Review of materials of the All-Russian scientific conference of journals “State and Law”, “Legal policy and legal life”, of scientific and educational yearbook “State-legal researches”) (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Once again about law and wrong, or why legal life is called legal (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Problems of digitalization in the field of justice (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Draft concept of Russian legal policy in the field of electronic justice as a doctrinal document (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Positive and negative responsibility as a manifestation of dialectic logic in legal studies (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Legal culture, legal policy and human rights (Reviewing materials of scientific-practical conference) (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Countering corruption in modern Russian legal life (Review materials of the “Round Table” of journals “State and Law” and “The legal culture”) (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Review of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference in the form of the “Round Table” of journals “State and Law” and “Legal culture” on the topic “Problems of interconnection and interaction of interaction” (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
On legal responsibility and irresponsibility in the context of national security National security, legal responsibility and irresponsibility: problems of the mechanism of interaction and systemic connections / D.А. Lipinsky, N.V. Makareiko, A.A. Musatkina et al.; ed. by D.A. Lipinsky (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Draft Concept of the legal policy of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Tambov region): review of the materials of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference in the form of the “Round Table” of journals “State and Law”, “Legal culture”, “State legal research” (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Legal responsibility in the legal system of Russia: some research results and project prospects (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Legal techniques and legal technology: the complex nature of the interaction (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Legal Culture and State Legal Life of the Society (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Competition and cooperation of interests in legal policy and law (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Legal life of the society, anomie and problems of legal space unity in Russia nowadays (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Foresight in the science of Administrative Law (From the works of the anniversary - administrativist scientist P.P. Sergun) (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -
Objective law in the light of modern materialistic theory of law Review of the discussion materials of the book by V.M. Syrykh “Fundamentals of the materialistic theory of law: in 4 vols. Vol. I. Objective law and forms of its expression” (Gosudarstvo i pravo) -