Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Comment: So What Does the Experience of Ethnological Expert Assessment Teach Us? [Tak chemu zhe uchit opyt “etnologicheskoi ekspertizy”?] Olga A. Murashko Pages 82-86
Comment: Ethnological Expert Assessment: Lessons of Russia [Etnologicheskaia ekspertiza: uroki Rossii] Natalia I. Novikova Pages 87-92
Comment: Ethnological Expert Assessment: The Decades of Experience in Russia and the Context of the World Research Agenda [Etnologicheskaia ekspertiza: desiatiletiia rossiiskogo opyta i kontekst mirovoi issledovatel’skoi povestki] Vladimir V. Poddubikov Pages 96-100
Response to Commenters: Continuing the Conversation [Otvet opponentam: prodolzhaem razgovor] Dmitriy А. Funk Pages 100-113
Comment: The Katun Project: The Way It Was [Katunskii proekt: kak eto bylo] Elena Filippova / Vasily Filippov Pages 80-82
Comment: Legal Foundations of the Ethnological Expert Assessment [Pravovye osnovy etnologicheskoi ekspertizy] Anatoly N. Sleptcov Pages 92-95
Special Theme of the Issue: The Living and the Dead: Hybrid Realities (guest editor – S. V. Sokolovskiy)
Somatotechniques, Technomorphisms and the Issue of the Human-in-Techno-Environment Sergey V. Sokolovskiy Pages 5-11
Movement Culture as an Epistemic Object Irina Sirotkina Pages 12-24
Closed in Unbodiliness: Robot Gordon and Brain Organoids Magdalena Kozhevnikova Pages 25-36
Bodies in Pokémon Go Elena K. Sokolova Pages 37-53
Techno-Humanity and the Anthropology of the Everyday Sergey V. Sokolovskiy Pages 54-65
“Ethnological Expert Assessment”: A Russian Experience in Evaluating the Social Impact of Industrial Projects Dmitriy А. Funk Pages 66-79
Anthropological Onomastics
The Steppe, the Forest and the Tundra Components in Siberian and North American Cosmonymies Yuri Berezkin Pages 114-123
The Anthroponomical System of the Aztec (Nahua) on the Eve of Spanish Conquest Anastasia V. Kalyuta Pages 124-140
Peasant Studies
The Marital Behavior of the Chuvash and Mordovian Peasants in the Verkhnie Koki Village of the Simbirsk Region in the Late 18th – Early 20th Centuries Alexandr V. Kobzev Pages 141-160
Gender Aspects of the Old Age Category in the Russian Post- Reform Village Zinara Z. Mukhina / Natalya L. Pushkareva Pages 161-180
Holy Well in the Sazhnoye Village: The Cult Object in the Focus of Rival Traditions Evgenii Platonov Pages 181-197
Review of Before Boas: The Genesis of Ethnography and Ethnology in the German Enlightenment, by Han F. Vermeulen. Sergey S. Alymov Pages 198-201
Review of Upside Down Gods: Gregory Bateson’s World of Difference, by P. Harries-Jones. Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard Pages 202-205
In Memoriam
Gennady Evgenievich Markov (21.06.1923–03.04.2018) Tatiana D. Solovei / N. Anikin / H. Turinskaya Pages 206-210

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