Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Special Theme of the Issue: Human and the World of Fauna in Anthropological Context
Ethnozoology or the Interaction of Humans with the World of Fauna? (An Introduction) Denis V. Vorobiev Pages 5-12
“When I Was a Little Pike”: Ichthyofauna in Folklore and the Fishing Magic among the Athabaskan of the Arctic Drainage Area Nikita Shishelov Pages 13-25
Pets of Indigenous Groups of Amazonia and Orinocia: Relationships between Humans and Animals Andrey Matusovskiy Pages 26-43
We-Alpha: Toward a Model of Social Organization of the Dog and Human Denis Gvozdikov Pages 44-56
On the Forms of Manifestation of the National in the District Center Jinghong (PRC). Comments: Garri, I.R. Is There a Chinese Nation? Critical Comments on China-Centrism [Sushchestvuet li kitaiskaia natsiia? (Kriticheskie zamechaniia po povodu kitaetsentrizma)]; Zakurdaev, A.A. A Response to Commenter [Otvet opponentu] Alexei А. Zakurdaev / Irina R. Garri Pages 57-82
Historical Ethnography
Romani Groups Migrations and Formation of the Gypsy (Roma) Population in Russian Empire in the 17th – Early 20th Centuries Marianna V. Smirnova-Seslavinskaya Pages 83-99
The Social and Economic Condition of the Nomadic Population in the Lbishchenskii District of the Ural Region in the Early 20th Century Marat M. Kappasov Pages 100-120
From the History of the Sakhalin Ainu – Forced Migrants, 1875–1948 Sofya Lim Pages 121-135
The Сoncept of Bongænd in Payment Procedures for Murder in the 19th Century Ossetian Customary Law System Edward Kaziev Pages 136-151
Research Articles
Commemorative Rituals of the Ludian Karelians: The Areal Characteristic among the Common and Local Traditions of the Neighbouring Peoples Irina Vinokurova / Sergei Minvaleev Pages 152-170
Folk-Tale Type ATU411 in Eurasian Folk Tradition: Some Remarks to the “Typological Index of Folk-Tale Types” of H.-J. Uther Andrei I. Behr-Glinka Pages 171-184
Review of Etnograf v pole. Zapadnaia Sibir’ 1950–1980-e gody [Ethnographer in the Field: Western Siberia, 1950–80s], by Z.P. Sokolova Sergey A. Arutyunov Pages 185-189
Review of Etnosotsiologiia vchera i segodnia [Ethnosociology Yesterday and Nowadays], edited by L.V. Ostapenko and I.A. Subbotina Vasily Filippov Pages 190-193
Review of Die Tschuwaschen. Ein Volk im Schatten der Geschichte, by A. Kappeler Ekaterina A. Iagafova Pages 193-196
Review of Skazki Chuvanskoi tundry: chuvanskie i chukotskie narodnye skazki, ch. 1 [Fairy Tales of the Chuvan Tundra: Chuvan and Chukotka Fairy Tales, vol. I], edited by I.A. Brodskii and G.V. Innekei Elena Batyanova Pages 196-198

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