Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Mathematical method for calculating the risk of power flows exceeding the tie lines capacity in the problem of adequacy assessment V. Oboskalov / R. Valiev Pages 3-14
Adequacy assessment of electric power systems with wind power stations and energy storages S. Perzhabinsky / D. Karamov Pages 15-25
Estimation of the compressive forces acting on thin-layered coil (solenoids) with current G. Tsitsikyan / М. Antipov Pages 26-31
Temperature state of a plane dielectric layerunder direct current voltage A. Kotovich / V. Zarubin / G. Kuvyrkin Pages 32-41
Method for evaluation of loads on VVER‑1200 reactor pressure vessel from in-vessel steam explosions K. Dolganov / V. Semenov / A. Kiselev / D. Tomashchik / A. Fokin / V. Astakhov / A. Nikolaeva / D. Gasparov / S. Pantyushin / N. Bukin / M. Bykov Pages 42-58
The heat condition of profiled radiation cooling nozzle extent investigation D. Borisov / Y. Shuraev / V. Mironov Pages 59-66
Peculiar properties of emissivity of high-temperature carbon radiative cooling nozzles with ceramic coatings A. Kolpakov / V. Mironov Pages 67-79
Ventilation as the element which binds together life support systems in multi-modular habitable space stations S. Romanov / A. Yelchin / A. Guzenberg / A. Zheleznyakov Pages 80-91
About energy efficion of the electrothermal thruster with additive heat for the small spacecraft V. Оnufriev / N. Sidnyaev / S. Govor / V. Sinyavsky / V. Gecha / L. Makridenko / D. Yagodnikov Pages 92-100
For the calculation of the combined cooling systems of propulsion engines D. Borisov / Y. Shuraev / V. Mironov Pages 101-108
Method of probability calculation of spacecraft Solar battery output power at partial shading M. Akhmedov Pages 109-123
To calculation of own values in the problem of nonstationary thermal conductivity of a massive full cylinder Yu. Vidin / R. Kazakov / V. Zlobin Pages 124-130
Effectiveness of the Russian fuel and energy complex administration George A. Borshchevskiy Pages 131-143

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