Issue 4

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 56
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theoretical and methodoloical problems
The new theory of value Jie Wu / Albert Bakhtizin / Valery Makarov / Zili Wu Pages 5-19
Model of income distribution on the basis of a finite functional sequence and its application for inequality analysis Alexander E. Varshavsky Pages 20-31
The planning period and the forecasting and optimizing ultimate conditions in the variant intersectoral models Sergei Graborov Pages 32-42
Extended version of FCG model with endogenous inflation Alexander Rubinstein Pages 43-52
Problems of national economy
Socioeconomic determinants of Parkinson's disease for developed and developing countries Marina Shakleina / Irina Bogatova / Sergey Vartanov / Irina Denisova / Natalya Turdyeva / Tatiana Chubarova / Victor Polterovich Pages 53-66
Regional problems
Inequality of opportunities in the Republic of Bashkortostan: Measurement based on parametric approach Liliya Bukharbaeva / Zulfiya Ibragimova / Marina Frants Pages 67-77
Mathematical analysis of economic models
A fuzzy model of the selection of alternative operations of the best available techniques at the installation level Aleksandr Ptuskin / Julia Zhukova Pages 78-87
Modeling the relationship between the Russian ruble exchange rate and oil prices: Markov regime switching approach Andrey Shumilov / Andrey Polbin Pages 88-98
Least upper bound of percent good factors of used machinery items Sergey Smolyak Pages 99-102
On the possibility of successive approximation towards an equilibrium in a coalition game with reiterating collective action Yelena Skarzhinsky / Vladimir I. Tsurikov Pages 103-115
Optimization methods
On the ways of estimation of plans’ number for transport problem I. Pogodin Pages 116-120
Critiques and bibliography
On the monograph by Irina V. Novikova “Strategic development of labor resources in the Russian Far East” Albert Bakhtizin / Valery Makarov Pages 121-122
Review of the book “Russian social and economic system: Reality and development vectors”, R.S. Grinberg and P.V. Savchenko (responsible editors), 4-th ed., Moscow, INFRA-M, 2021 Viktor Kul'kov Pages 123-126
In memoriam of A. Gusev Pages 127-128

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