Issue 2

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 56
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theoretical and methodological problems
Agent-based modelling of population dynamics of two interacting social communities: migrants and natives Valery Makarov / Albert Bakhtizin / Gayane Beklaryan / Andranik Akopov / Elena Rovenskaya / Nikita Strelkovskiy Pages 5-19
Effect of strategic approach in dynamic pricing for the network goods Victor Dementiev / Nikolai Svetlov Pages 20-31
Problems of national economy
Green economy as a driver of sustainable development Anna Prudnikova / Anatoliy Mudretsov Pages 32-39
Industrial problems
Dynamics of price indicators of the Russian food market: experience of computer modeling Tatiana Belova / Viktor Kupriyanov / Marina Kupriyanova Pages 40-51
The primary assessment of the economic efficiency of strategic directions of development of gas industry in Russia Nikita Sasaev Pages 52-65
Mathematical analysis of economic models
Notes on the principles of construction of economic indicators forecast models (on example forecast system «ProRosEc») Petr Andrukovich Pages 66-76
On the influence of foreign media on the Russian stock market: Text analysis Elena Fedorova / Igor Demin / Dmitry Afanasyev / Oleg Rogov Pages 77-89
Structural changes in Russian inflation model Boris Brodsky / Alexander Bereznyatzkiy Pages 90-100
Dynamic model of investments in research of oligopolia Ilya Lesik / Aleksandr Perevozchikov Pages 101-113
Applying the maximum likelihood method for valuation Sergey Smolyak Pages 114-126

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