Issue 5

  • Volume: 481
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Integer Somos-4 Sequences V. Bykovskii / M. Monina Pages 471-473
Metric Properties of Level Surfaces of Holder Mappings Defined on Two-Step Carnot Groups Maria Karmanova Pages 474-477
The Generating Functions in the Knapsack Problem Vladimir Leontiev / Eduard Gordeev Pages 478-480
On Spectral Asymptotics for a Family of Finite Dimensional Perturbations of Operators of Trace Class Yu. Petrova Pages 481-483
On New Arithmetic Properties of Determinants of Hankel Matrices V. Platonov / M. Petrunin Pages 484-485
Associated Spaces to Weighted Sobolev Spaces on the Real Line Vladimirovich Stepanov / Elena Ushakova / D. Prokhorov Pages 486-489
Method of Determination of Friction Forces in Experiments on Impact Compression and Construction of Dynamic Diagrams of Metals and Alloys Deformation V. Bazhenov / A. Ryabov / D. Osetrov / M. Baranova Pages 490-493
A Note on the Nature of Spontaneously Radiating Shock Waves A. Kulikovsky Pages 494-497
Time-optimal Rotation of the Rigid Body by a Mass Point A. Shmatkov Pages 498-502
Causes of Por-Si Photoluminescence Peaks in the Range λ = 460–700 nm A. Khort / V. Shvets / T. Sorokin / Yu. Syrov / M. Tsygankova / A. Yakovenko / E. Abramova Pages 503-506
Sorption Extraction of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins, Dibenzofurans and Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls from Fats A. Shelepchikov / A. Komarov / V. Ovcharenko / E. Mir-Kadyrova / E. Brodsky / K. Turbabina Pages 507-509
Physical chemistry
Small Additives of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Influence on Aluminum Material Strength Characteristics L. Agureev / V. Kostikov / Zh. Eremeeva / V. Mironov Pages 510-512
Cambrian Magmatism in the North Ural: New Data on Age and Formation Conditions G. Petrov / Yu. Ronkin / A. Gerdes / A. Maslov Pages 513-516
New Data of Geochemistry of Mississippi Valley-type Ores of the Sardana Deposit (Northeast Russia) A. Volkov / Andrey Galyamov / K. Murashov / A. Sidorov Pages 517-520
The Age of Raygorodok Gold-bearing Gabbro-moncodiorite Massif (Northern Kazakhstan) F. Zhimulev / J. De Grave / R. Seltmann / E. Naumov / S. Glorie / К. Kovalev / M. Poujol / E. De Pelsmaeker / V. Suhorukov / Yu. Kalinin Pages 521-525
Variations of Dissolved Helium and Radon in Groundwater of the Southern Baikal Region by Earthquakes R. Semenov / M. Lopatin Pages 526-528
Pb-Pb Age of the Riphean Magnesite of the Bakal Ore-field G. Ovchinnikova / Anton Kuznetsov / M. Krupenin / I. Vasilyeva / O. Kaurova Pages 529-533
U-Pb-age and Analysis of the Lu-Hf-isotope System of Zircon of Granitoids of the Final Phases of the Nepluyevsky Pluton (Southern Urals) T. Osipova / M. Zaitceva / S. Votyakov Pages 534-538
Exotic Olivine-Mica Rocks from Udachnaya Pipe (Yakutia): Peculiarities of the Chemical Composition and the Origin Lyudmila POKHILENKO Pages 539-543
New Data on Crystallization Conditions of Monzodiorite-Granite Massifs in the Eastern Slope of the Southern Urals Aleksandr Snachev / Vladimir Snachev / Viktor Puchkov Pages 544-547
Seismotectonic Deformations Related to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake at Different Stages of the Seismic Cycle on the Basis of Satellite Geodetic Observations L. Lobkovsky / I. Vladimirova / Yu. Gabsatarov / G. Steblov Pages 548-552
Appearance of Singlets of the Earth's Basic Spheroidal Mode 0S2 in Geomagnetic Variations A. Spivak Pages 553-556
Study of Seismic Isolation by Full-Wave Numerical Modeling Alena Favorskaya / Igor Petrov Pages 557-559
Particularities of Waves in the Ice Zone of the Southwestern Part of the Sea of Okhotsk D. Kovalev / Grigorii Dolgikh / P. Kovalev / K. Kirillov Pages 560-564
Biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology
Variable Effects of Growth Factors on Developmental Genes Expression in Pancreatic Cancer Cells D. Gnatenko / E. Kopantsev / E. Sverdlov Pages 565-566
Correlation Between Expression of KLF5 and ZEB1 Transcription Factor Genes in Pancreatic Cancer M. Zinovieva / E. Sverdlov / T. Vinogradova / L. Kondratieva / L. Nikolaev Pages 567-569
Amitriptyline Attenuates Ca2+ Responses Induced by Glutoxim and Molixan in Macrophages Z. Krutetskaya / L. Milenina / A. Naumova / S. Butov / V. Antonov / A. Nozdrachev Pages 570-572
The Influence of а Background Noise on the Recognition of Signals with a Complex Spectrum Structure in Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus Leucas) Evgeniya Sysueva / Vladimir Popov / Mikhail Tarakanov / Vyacheslav Rozhnov / Dmitry Nechaev / Alexander Supin Pages 573-576

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