Issue 3

  • 870 rub.
  • Volume: 58
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theoretical and methodological problems
On the Spatial Dimension of General Equilibrium Alexandr Nekipelov Pages 5-18
Towards the theory of general economic equilibrium Vladimir Danilov Pages 19-27
Socio-economic determinants of altruistic behavior Marina Mikitchuk Pages 28-44
Problems of national economy
Some paradoxical effects of the tax holidays mechanism Aleksandr Slastnikov Pages 45-56
Industrial problems
Ecological and economic models in the mineral and resource sector of Russia: Formation of investment policy based on public-private partnership Ирина Глазырина / Sergey Lavlinskii / Lydia Yakovleva Pages 57-69
Problems of enterprises
Parameters and indicators of enterprise status monitoring Vasily Presnyakov Pages 70-78
Mathematical analysis of economic models
Agent-based model “Intellectual Russia”: Model construction and initial population analysis Anatoly Akinshin / Olga Kuznetsova / Nerses Khachatryan / Svetlana Borisova Pages 79-93
Market static model for software development based on a transport problem with quadratic cost additions Ilya Lesik / Aleksandr Perevozchikov Pages 94-101
Mathematical modeling of a multi-product dispersed market in the system of the world economy Aleksey Kovalenko / Aleksandr Zlotov Pages 102-114
Calculation of the convexity adjustment to the forward rate in the Vasicek model for the forward exotic contracts Aleksandr Kulikov / Nickolay Malykh / Ivan Postevoy Pages 115-128
Methods of optimization
Optimization of Portfolio of federal loan bonds and RE-PO trades Vladimir Dobrovolskiy / Dmitriy Golembiovskiy Pages 129-141
Scientific life
The Sixth meeting of the BRICS Working Group on ICT and high performance computation systems Valery Makarov / Albert Bakhtizin / Maria Burilina / Ekaterina Khlunova Pages 142-144

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