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The Journal “Mikroelektronika” was founded in 1972. It is dedicated to the technological, physical and circuit design aspects of micro- and nanoelectronics. Special attention is paid to new trends in lithography (optical, X-ray, electron, ion), etching, doping, deposition and planarization at the submicron and nanometer levels. Plasma technologies, molecular beam epitaxy and dry etching, as well as methods for the investigation and control of surfaces and multilayer structures, play a significant role. The issues of instrument-technological modeling and diagnostics of technological processes in real time are discussed. Articles on semiconductor devices based on new physical phenomena, such as quantum size effects and superconductivity, are published. This line of research covers heterostructures, nanotransistors and semiconductor devices, quantum bits (qubits). The problems of analysis and synthesis of electronic circuits on bipolar and field-effect transistors are considered.

The Editorial Committee: I.I. Abramov, V.V. Aristov, M.R. Baklanov, A.A. Buharaev, A.A. Gorbacevich, E.S. Gornev, V.F. Lukichev (deputy chief editor), P.P. Mal'cev, I.G. Neizvestnyj (deputy chief editor), K.V. Rudenko (executive secretary) A.S. Sigov, M.N. Strihanov, R.A. Suris, Yu.A. Chaplygin, V.A. Shahnov

Managing Editor: L.G. Ponomareva