Issue 10

  • Issue number: 10

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
To the 40th Anniversary of the Department of Theory of Knowledge, Institute of Philosophy, RAS
The Department of Theory of Knowledge: History and Modernity Vladislav Lektorsky Pages 5-12
The Department of Theory of Knowledge as a Type of Philosophical Interaction, or on the Role of Knowledge in Culture Boris I. Pruzhinin Pages 13-19
Ad marginem Debates: on the Archive Materials of the Department’s Discussions Natalia S. Avtonomova Pages 20-30
Contemporary Tendencies of Epistemology’s Development (round table discussion) Vladislav Lektorsky / Vladimir Filatov / Elena L. Chertkova / Elena O. Trufanova / Natalia M. Smirnova / Boris I. Pruzhinin / Wladimir N. Porus / Sophia V. Pirozhkova / Vladimir Shevchenko / Natalia I. Kuznetsova / Alexander V. Katunin / Ilya Kasavin / Dmitry V. Ivanov / Zhan K. Zagidullin / David I. Dubrovsky / Natalia S. Avtonomova Pages 31-66
Philosophy and Society
Philosophy of Historical Memory Irina Yu. Alekseeva / Aleksandr P. Alekseev Pages 67-76
Social Reality. Institutions of Intersubjectivity Oleksandr V. Bilokobylskyi / Victor S. Levytskyy Pages 77-89
Historical Materialism within Western Marxism: The Reflections on the Fate of the Concept Leonid Grinin Pages 90-101
Philosopher in the Service of the Ruler Valeri A. Mirzoyan Pages 102-115
History of Russian Philosophy
Russian Philosophy of History and Literature Sergey A. Nickolsky Pages 116-127
Dionysiasm and Sophianic. Ontology and Anthropology of Femininity in the Project of Artistic Religion by Vyacheslav Ivanov Natalia А. Vaganova Pages 128-139
Aleksei Losev: to the 125th Anniversary
A.F. Losev: between political journalism and social epistemology Elena Takho-Godi Pages 140-149
Τhe Chapter from Unpublished Part of “Philosophy of Name” of A.F. Losev [“Dialectics of Otherbeing of Essence: Eternity and Time”]. The Preface to the Publication Victor P. Troitskiy Pages 150-152
[“Dialectics of Otherbeing of Essence: Eternity and Time”]. Publication by Elena A. Takho-Godi, Text Edition by Victor P. Troitskiy Aleksey F. Losev Pages 153-163
History of Philosophy
On Symbols and Symbolism in Porphyry’s Treatise On Statues (Peri agalmatōn) Dmitry S. Kurdybaylo Pages 164-174
Francis of Meyronnes on the Demonstrability of the Principles of Non-Contradiction and the Excluded Middle and 13th Century quaestiones on Aristotles’s Metaphysics Danila Maslov Pages 175-185
De principiis, Questio XI. Translated with Commentary by Danila K. Maslov Franciscus de Mayronis Pages 186-188
Hume’s Guillotine in the Context of the Medieval Doctrine of the Transcendentals Alexey Gaginsky Pages 189-200
The Criticism of Hylomorphism and the Question of Technology by Gilbert Simondon and Martin Heidegger Denis A. Skopin Pages 201-210
Book Reviews
R.G. Apresyan. Ethics: a textbook Matvey G. Pismanik Pages 211-214
I.I. Evlampiev. Russian Philisophy in Europian Context Alexey Malinov / Victor A. Kupriyanov Pages 214-217
A World Beyond Global Disorder: The Courage to Hope Alla G. Glinchikova / Anna V. Veretevskaya Pages 217-222

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