Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Ontological classification of verbs and the semantics of Russian conjunction poka ‘while’ Elena V. Paducheva Pages 7-25
«Counter-optative» infinitive constructions in Russian: Aspect, tense, person, and variation of the categorial meaning Michail Ya. Dymarsky Pages 26-48
Philological observations on the Apocalypse of Abraham Boris А. Uspenskij Pages 49-86
Stressed vowel systems in Southern Russian as a source for linguistic reconstruction Dmitry M. Savinov Pages 87-103
Morphology of nominal indefinite declension in Moksha Mordvin dialects of the Volga region (a linguo-geographic aspect) Maria Z. Levina Pages 104-119
Gaulish cara vs. Latin cara: towards the problem of archaic semantic syncretism Tatyana A. Mikhailova Pages 120-135
G. Hentschel, O. Taranenko, S. Zaprudski (Hrsg.). Trasjanka und Suržyk — gemischte weißrussisch-russische und ukrainischrussische Rede. Sprachlicher Inzest in Weißrussland und in der Ukraine? Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014 Michail L. Kotin Pages 136-141
E. R. Dobrushina. Korpusnyye issledovaniya po morfemnoi, grammaticheskoi i leksicheskoi semantike russkogo yazyka [Corpus-based studies on morphemic, grammatical and lexical semantics of Russian]. Moscow: Izdatel’stvo PSTGU, 2014 Il’ya B. Itkin Pages 142-150
V. Kasevich, Y. Kleiner, P. Sériot (eds). History of linguistics 2011. Selected papers from the 12th International conference on the history of the language sciences (ICHoLS XII), Saint Petersburg, 28 august — 2 september 2011 (Studies in the history of the language sciences 123). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2014 Dmitri V. Sitchinava Pages 150-155
Academic life
International scientific conference «The First Grigoriev’s readings: Language creativity: aesthetic, heuristic and pragmatic aspects» Larisa L. Shestakova / Anna S. Kuleva Pages 156-160

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