Issue 1

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  • Volume: 79
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Ancient Egyptian Ritual of “Smashing the Red Pottery” (śḏ dšr.wt) and Red Ceramics of the Old Kingdom Svetlana E. Malykh Pages 5-22
On Sumerian Loanwords in Akkadian. Part II Rim Nurullin Pages 23-40
Euripides’ Danae fr. 324 Kannicht Boris Nikolsky Pages 41-57
On The Sizes of Land Plots and Units of Their Measurement on the Chora of Tauric Chersonesos Tatiana Smekalova Pages 58-76
Valerius Maximus: The Roman at the Turn of the Age Andrey Smorchkov Pages 77-89
Rhetorical Topic in the Preface of Gaius Iulius Solinus Ekaterina Ilyushechkina Pages 90-101
Military Policy of the Emperor Diocletian on the Near Eastern Frontier of the Roman Empire: Military Units During the Roman-Persian Confrontation Evgeniy Mekhamadiev Pages 102-120
Pages of Historiography
Investigation of the Temple-Caves of Tuyuk-Mazar and Bezeklik by the Second Russian Turkestan Expedition in 1915 (After the Diaries of S.F. Oldenburg) Mikhail Bukharin Pages 121-135
Work on “The World History” before World War II: Fruits of Efforts Sergey Karpyuk / Sergey Krikh Pages 136-151
Critical and Bibliographical Surveys
Aristoteles. Metafizika. Perevod s drevnegrecheskogo, vstupitel’naya stat’ya i kommentariy A.V. Markova. M., 2018 Nikolay Grintser / Elizaveta Shcherbakova Pages 152-160
From the latest literature about Gaius Marius Anton Korolenkov / Evgeny Smykov Pages 161-176
Cicero and Sallust About Catiline’s Conspiracy (From Recent Foreign Historiography) Dariya Dymskaya Pages 177-184
Megasthenes and His Time. On the Publication of Collected Papers: J. Wiesehöfer, H. Brinkhaus, R. Bichler (Hrsg.). Megasthenes und seine Zeit. Megasthenes and His Time. (Classica et Orientalia, 13). Wiesbaden, 2016 Aleksey Vigasin Pages 185-190
D.F. Leão, P.J. Rhodes. The Laws of Solon: A New Edition with Introduction, Translation and Commentary. London–New York, 2016 Igor Surikov Pages 191-199
J. Hyland. Persian Interventions. The Achaemenid Empire, Athens, and Sparta, 450–386 BCE. Baltimore, 2018 Eduard V. Rung / Aleksandr Sapogov Pages 200-208
News and Events
International Conference “Classical Cyprus” (Graz, 21–23 September 2017) Pavel Evdokimov Pages 209-214
The 19th Zhebelev Conference at St. Petersburg State University Oksana Kulishova / Eduard Frolov Pages 215-222
Russian-British International Scientific Workshop “Mius Classical Table-Talk X” on Archaic and Classical Greece (Moscow, 30–31 March 2018) Sergey Karpyuk Pages 223-225
Lomonosov Conference at the Departments of Ancient History and Ancient Languages of the Faculty of History of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, 17, 25 April 2018) Alexey Belousov / Natalia Bugaeva Pages 226-228

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