Issue 1

  • Volume: 79
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Ancient Egyptian Ritual of “Smashing the Red Pottery” (śḏ dšr.wt) and Red Ceramics of the Old Kingdom Svetlana Malykh
On Sumerian Loanwords in Akkadian. Part II Rim Nurullin
Euripides’ Danae fr. 324 Kannicht Boris Nikolsky
On The Sizes of Land Plots and Units of Their Measurement on the Chora of Tauric Chersonesos Tatiana Smekalova
Valerius Maximus: The Roman at the Turn of the Age Andrey Smorchkov
Rhetorical Topic in the Preface of Gaius Iulius Solinus Ekaterina Ilyushechkina
Pages of Historiography
Investigation of the Temple-Caves of Tuyuk-Mazar and Bezeklik by the Second Russian Turkestan Expedition in 1915 (After the Diaries of S.F. Oldenburg) Mikhail Bukharin
Work on “The World History” before World War II: Fruits of Efforts Sergey G. Karpyuk / / Sergey Krikh
Critical and Bibliographical Surveys
Aristoteles. Metafizika. Perevod s drevnegrecheskogo, vstupitel’naya stat’ya i kommentariy A.V. Markova. M., 2018 Nikolay Grintser / / Elizaveta Shcherbakova
From the latest literature about Gaius Marius Anton Korolenkov / / Evgeniy Smykov
Megasthenes and His Time. On the Publication of Collected Papers: J. Wiesehöfer, H. Brinkhaus, R. Bichler (Hrsg.). Megasthenes und seine Zeit. Megasthenes and His Time. (Classica et Orientalia, 13). Wiesbaden, 2016 Aleksey Vigasin
D.F. Leão, P.J. Rhodes. The Laws of Solon: A New Edition with Introduction, Translation and Commentary. London–New York, 2016 Igor Surikov
News and Events
International Conference “Classical Cyprus” (Graz, 21–23 September 2017) Pavel Evdokimov
The 19th Zhebelev Conference at St. Petersburg State University O. Kulishova / Eduard Frolov
S.G. Karpyuk (Moscow) – Russian-British International Scientific Workshop “Mius Classical Table-Talk X” on Archaic and Classical Greece (Moscow, 30–31 March 2018) Sergey G. Karpyuk
Lomonosov Conference at the Departments of Ancient History and Ancient Languages of the Faculty of History of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, 17, 25 April 2018) Alexey Belousov / / Natalia Bugaeva

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