Issue 5

  • Volume: 56
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Inelastic processes in a gas discharge plasma of inert gases V. Afanasyev / B. Smirnov / D. Zhilyaev Pages 645-655
Recombination waves in dusty plasma of non-self-sustained discharge I. Andryushin / V. Zherebtsov / V. Meshakin / V. Rykov / V. Vladimirov / V. Deputatova Pages 656-663
Nondegenerate electron plasma in a layer in an external electric field with a mirror condition at the boundary N. Gordeeva / A. Yushkanov Pages 664-671
Features of tantalum ablation with femtosecond laser irradiation E. Struleva / S. Ashitkov / P. Komarov Pages 672-676
Thermodynamic properties of uranium dioxide in a condensed state I. Morozov / N. Aristova / G. Belov / M. Sineva Pages 677-686
Thermophysical properties of the sigma phase in the Ni – V system at high temperatures E. Akhtyamov / V. Gorbatov / V. Polev / A. Kurichenko / I. Korshunov / A. Zhilyakov Pages 687-693
Determination of thermal expansion coefficient of boron carbide of composition В13С2 S. Konovalikhin / V. Ponomarev / D. Kovalev Pages 694-698
Isochoric heat capacity and cluster structure of a simple liquid Yu. Neruchev / A. Radchenko / M. Bolotnikov Pages 699-703
Measurement of heat capacity of conductive substances in terms of microsecond heating current pulse S. Onufriev / A. Savvatimsky Pages 704-710
Evaluation of the melt viscosity Bi - 56.5%, Pb - 43.5% across the width of the weak shock wave A. Savinykh / Gennady Kanel / G. Garkushin / S. Razorenov Pages 711-714
Sound speed and adiabatic compressibility of binary mixtures of sodium halides V. Stepanov Pages 715-719
Thermodynamic modeling of the heating of radioactive graphite in an argon atmosphere Nikolai Barbin / T. Kolbin / D. Terentyev / S. Alekseev / M. Spiridonov Pages 720-728
Study of the RANS / ILES flow method in a high-speed mixed-air inlet for various operating modes D. Lyubimov / A. Chestnykh Pages 729-737
Heat transfer in a smooth-tube checkerboard beam, immersed in a vast water basin N. Ivanov / N. Shur / V. Ris / M. Zasimova Pages 738-746
Numerical modeling of the influence of thermal protection materials on the characteristics of the coupled heat and mass transfer during spatial flow around blunted bodies V. Zverev / V. Zinchenko / V. Goldin Pages 747-755
Wave heat transfer in an orthopedic half-space under the action of a nonstationary point source of thermal energy V. Formalev / S. Kolesnik / E. Kuznetsova Pages 756-760
The formation of a porous layer of nanoparticles on the surface of the heater during the boiling of nanofluid A. Sirotkina / E. Fedorovich / V. Sergeev Pages 761-767
Simulation of heat and mass transfer in high-temperature reactive flows in the presence of combustion A. Askarova / M. Beketaeva / Symbat A. Bolegenova / S. Bolegenova / V. Maksimov Pages 768-774
Study of the combustion of hydrogen in an oxygen environment R. Aminov / A. Egorov Pages 775-781
Numerical study of the effect of water droplets on the structure of a detonation wave in a hydrogen-air gas mixture V. Gidaspov / N. Severina / O. Moskalenko Pages 782-788
Acoustic waves in multifractional gas mixtures in the presence of phase transformations D. Gubaidulin / E. Teregulova Pages 789-797
The method of calculating the mixed MHD convection in the vertical channel I. Belyaev / N. Razuvanov / V. Sviridov Pages 798-804
Schemes of perspective thermal power plants of alumina energy M. Vlaskin / A. Zhuk / V. Miroshnichenko / A. Sheindlin Pages 805-813
Current state of research on the influence of terahertz radiation on living biological systems I. Ilyina / M. Agranat / D. Sitnikov Pages 814-837
Thermograms of high-frequency capacitive discharge between solid and liquid electrodes Az. Gaisin / F. Gaisin / Al. Gaisin / L. Bagautdinova / R. Sadriev / I. Galimzyanov / A. Gilmutdinov / E. Shakirova Pages 838-840
Electrical resistivity of siliconized silicon carbide A. Kostanovsky / M. Zeonidov / M. Kostanovskaya / A. Pronkin Pages 841-843
Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of Bi (1 - x) GdxFeO3 multiferroics (x = 0–0.30) S. Kallaev / L. Reznichenko / S. Khasbulatov / A. Bakmaev Pages 844-847
Simulation of carbon nanotubes as macromolecular tangles. Melt viscosity G. Kozlov / I. Dolbin Pages 848-850
Simulation of heterogeneous nucleation in liquid argon with particulate matter molecular dynamics methods V. Malyshev / E. Moiseeva Pages 851-854

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