Teplofizika vysokikh temperatur

ISSN: 0040-3644

Chief Editor: Fortov Vladimir Evgen'evich

Co-Founder: Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the RAS

Address: Krasnokazarmennaya str., 17а, aud. 310, 111116, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 8 (495) 362-07-88

E-mail: tvt@iht.mpei.ac.ru

Website: http://energy.ihed.ras.ru/

The Journal Impact Factor:  1,701 РИНЦ; 0,175 Scopus

The Journal «Teplofizika» (“Thermophysics”) was founded in 1963. The journal publishes articles and reviews on the thermodynamic and transport properties of substances (pure substances, mixtures, and alloys), including substances in the vicinity of the critical point and in a state of low-temperature plasma, and plasma technologies. A significant part of the work is devoted to the construction of the equations of state of substances, the study of phase equilibrium, heat and mass transfer, boiling, condensation, radiative transfer. 

The Editorial Committee: Son Eduard Evgen'evich (Deputy Chief Editor, Academician of the RAS); Kireeva Anna Nikolaevna (Executive secretary, Candidate of Engineering Sciences); Hanina Galina Stepanovna (Deputy Chief Editor).

Department of plasma: Agranat Mihail Borisovich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Batenin Vyacheslav Mihajlovich (a corresponding member of the RAS); D'yachkov Lev Gavrilovich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Kapitelli Mario (Capitelli Mario, honorary member of the RAS); Lebedev Yurij Anatolyevich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Sinkevich Oleg Arsen'evich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Smirnov Valentin Pantelejmonovich (Academician of the RAS); Homkin Aleksandr L'vovich ( Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)).

Department of thermophysical properties of matter: Gupta Satish; Iosilevskij Igor L'vovich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Kanel' Gennadij Isaakovich (a corresponding member of the RAS); Lomonosov Igor' Vladimirovich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Roshchupkin Vladimir Vladimirovich (Doctor of Engineering Sciences).

Department of heat-mass exchange and physical gas dynamics: Avdeev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (Doctor of Engineering Sciences); Varaksin Aleksej Yur'evich (a corresponding member of the RAS); Leont'ev Aleksandr Ivanovich (Academician of the RAS); Polezhaev Yurij Vasilevich (a corresponding member of the RAS); Pavlenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich (a corresponding member of the RAS); Pokusaev Boris Grigor'evich (Doctor of Engineering Sciences); Surzhikov Sergej Timofeevich (Academician of the RAS); Favorskij Oleg Nikolaevich (Academician of the RAS); Filippov Gennadij Alekseevich (Academician of the RAS); Cherkasov Sergej Gelievich (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)).