On the Methodology of Historiographies in the History of Sociology

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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
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The purpose of the article is to characterize the methodology of historiography of the history of sociology. The research was based on theoretical and meta-theoretical works on the problems of historiography, which are important for understanding the state and development of sociological knowledge. Historiography is interpreted as a self-reflection of the history of sociology, the possibility of creating its integrative images. The subject area of historiography, its tasks, levels, units of analysis, etc. are defined. The tendencies of historiography of the history of sociology since the middle of the 20th century are briefly described. The theoretical and methodological concepts of the principles and models of constructing the historiography of the history of sociology are identified and considered; examples of analytical generalizations of the experience of historiographies covering the history of sociology from the 1960s‑1970s to the 2010s are given. The epistemic landmarks of the world historiography of the history of sociology, the level of their application are shown. Conclusions are drawn about the state of the methodology of historiography of the history of sociology and the importance of its development as part of sociological knowledge.

Keywordshistory of sociology, historiography, historiography of the history of sociology, methodology of historiography, epistemic landmarks of historiographies
Publication date27.12.2022
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