Experts on Entrepreneurship as an Alternative Form of Employment for Disabled People

Publication type Article
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Occupation: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Baikal State University
Address: Russian Federation, Irkutsk
Occupation: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Baikal State University
Address: Russian Federation, Irkutsk
Occupation: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Baikal State University
Address: Russian Federation, Irkutsk
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 11

The article analyzes disabled people possibilities of entrepreneurial activity as an option for solving the problem of employment. The analysis was based on the results of an expert survey of representatives of regional and municipal bodies for labor and employment, public organizations of people with disabilities, as well as a survey among unemployed people with disabilities registered at the Employment Centre. According to experts and unemployed people with disabilities, the advantages of entrepreneurial activity over traditional employment include expanded opportunities for self-realization, convenient working hours, an additional source of income, and active integration into society. The experts identified a lack of effective legislative support as a serious obstacle to the development of entrepreneurial activity of disabled people, along with difficult economic conditions. The existing material and consulting support for starting a business for unemployed citizens was recognized as insufficient in case of the disabled.

Keywordsemployment, disabled person, unemployment, employment service, job quotas, entrepreneurship, self-employment
Publication date22.12.2021
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