Social mobility in theories and research practices of leading French sociologists

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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
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The article reviews the contribution of some prominent French sociologists, mainly of the XXth century, to the development of social mobility theory. Authors point out that despite the similarity of scientific traditions, the French sociology of mobility is thinly represented in the Russian sociological discourse what makes the article useful for Russian sociologists. The structure of the text reflects relationship between the evolution of scientific views on social mobility and the changing social context of French society. The article begins with the genesis of A. Dumont's theory of social mobility. Next, authors analyze formation of the research approach to intergenerational mobility in the French sociology associated with the names of M. Bresard and D. Bertaux. Emphasis is made on the relationship between mobility and education system in the studies of P. Bourdieu, J.-C. Passeron, R. Budon. It is shown that French sociologists have produced original results breaking social and academic stereotypes about mobility in the French society, about social and personal factors of intergenerational mobility, and the family and the school as social mobility elevators. Authors conclude with the multidimensionality, dynamism and practical importance of the French sociology of mobility, its connection with the public aspirations.

KeywordsFrench sociology, social mobility, intergenerational mobility, family, education, inequalities, life chances
Publication date28.05.2019
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