Issue 12

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  • Issue number: 12

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Civic Participation: Interaction of Social and Political Practices Vladimir Petukhov Pages 3-14
Who and How Wants Changes in Modern Russia? Yuri Latov Pages 15-28
The Roots of the Grass: Patterns of Grassroots Urban Mobilization in Russia Andrey Semenov Pages 29-37
Citizenship in Understanding of St.Petersburg Young People and Their Parents Nadezhda A. Nartova Pages 38-47
Owners of Private Farmsteads: Differentiation, Problems, Outlook Petr P. Velikiy Pages 48-60
Extra-urban Localities: Hybridization of 'Rural' and 'Urban' in the Process of Migration of Citizens to the Countryside Alyona Y. Makshanchikova / Egor A. Nikishin / Dmitry S. Popov Pages 61-70
Phenomenology of the “Lifeworld” of Urbanites in the Extra Urban Space in the Near North: House and Domestication Nikita E. Pokrovsky / Uliana G. Nikolaeva / Julia A. Demidova Pages 70-80
Forty Years of Economic Reforms in China: Social Results Khun Chen Pages 81-90
Whether Russians' Welfare Attitudes Changed? Analysis of the Dynamics and Comparison with Other Countries Alla A. Salmina Pages 91-103
Financialization of Education: Statement of the Problem Natalia Yakovleva Pages 104-114
Sociology as a «Strong Science»: Leon Petrazhitsky’s Unfinished Project Elena V. Timoshina Pages 115-125
History and the Current State of Sociology in Taiwan Junkai Jin / Pavel P. Deriugin / Liudmila S. Veselova / Liubov A. Lebedintseva Pages 126-136
Social Change, Concepts and Policy: Reflecting on the Results of the XIV European Sociological Association Conference Irina N. Trofimova Pages 137-139
About XXI Kharchev's Readings Nikolay V. Romanovskiy Pages 140-142
Current Research in Ta/Rri, Sociology of Technology and Engineering in Russia: An Overview Elena Gavrilina / Aleksandra A. Kazakova Pages 143-145
Culture and Education: Social Transformation and Multicultural Communication Svetlana A. Sharonova / Nursafa G. Khayrullina Pages 146-147
Melnikov M.V. Privatization of Public Space: Social and Managerial Aspects. Novosibirsk: NGTU, 2019. 256 p. Reviewed by V.I. Ignatyev Vladimir Ignatyev Pages 148-152
Doktorov B.Z. Foster City Is My America. Sociographic Essays. M: Will Cspem, 2019. 164 p. Reviewed by G.E. Zborovsky, P.A. Ambarova Garold E. Zborovsky / Polina A. Ambarova Pages 153-156

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