Issue 9

  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Increasingly Complex Metamorphoses – the Product of “Arrow of Time” and Factor of Socio-Naturаl Turbulences Sergey A. Kravchenko Pages 3-11
Coevolution of Three Orders – an Explanation of Russian Cycles Dynamics Nikolai S. Rozov Pages 12-22
Development of Evolutionary Neurosociology: Behavioral Biograms and Biological Predisposition to Social Inequality Yulia S. Shkurko Pages 23-29
Paradigms of Social Knowledge and Validation in Architecture Konstantin V. Kiyanenko Pages 30-39
Russian Education for Innovative Economy: “the Pressure Points” Irina G. Dezhina / Grigoriy A. Klucharev Pages 40-48
Is it Possible to be Together, being Apart: Students and Teachers at the University Garold E. Zborovsky Pages 49-58
Is University 3.0 Feasible in Russia? Alexander O. Karpov Pages 59-70
The Impact of Changes in the World Ranking Methodologies on University Positions Irina B. Trostyanskaya / Nadezhda A. Polikhina Pages 71-79
Recruitment Mechanisms and Effectiveness of the Federal Administrative Elite George A. Borshchevskiy Pages 80-92
Urban Activism: Management Practices of Authorities as Resources and Barriers for Urban Development Projects Maria N. Koroleva / Maria A. Chernova Pages 93-101
Mathematical Modeling of Social Processes and Sociology Yuliana N. Tolstova Pages 104-112
Jokes on the Informal Economy: Funny or Serious Svetlana Y. Barsukova Pages 113-123
Social Labor Rights of the Employed Population: Practical Realization and Methods of Protection Andrei N. Pokida / Natalia V. Zybunovskaya Pages 124-129
Russian Youth Employment Trends in Regions Elena M. Avraamova Pages 130-134
Students Employment During Study at University Victor I. Filonenko / Julia V. Filonenko / Ljudmila S. Skachkova Pages 135-140
Continuing Tradition: The Anniversary of SSA/RSS Valeriy A. Mansurov / Pavel S. Yuryev / Elena I. Pronina Pages 141-142
Social Anthropology of the City Aleksey A. Vorontsov / Elena A. Okladnikova Pages 143-145
Labor of XXI Century: New Challenges and Prospects Stepan Arseniy R. Karapetyan / Aleksandr S. Gonashvili / Snezhana S. Starovoitova Pages 146-147
About Humanitarization of Engineering Education Irina V. Tolstoukhova / Irina V. Stavetskaya / Larisa V. Vasileva Pages 148-149
Humanitarian and Socio-Political Issues of Caucasus Modernization Eliza K. Biyzhanova Pages 150-151
Social factors of ethnic tension in Russia: monograph / [M. F. Chernysh et al.]; ed. by B. Epikhina, M. F. Chernysh. M., 2017 Vasiliy V. Bublikov Pages 152-155
Social justice in the modern world: collection of articles [L. I. Nikovskaya (Res. ed.), V.N. Shevchenko, V. N. Yakimets]. Moscow: Klyuch-S, 2017 Grigoriy Yu. Kanarsh Pages 156-159
Sociology of time and space: explorations and innovations. Jing Tiankui, Zhang Zhimin. Beijing: Publishing house of Beijing Pedagogical University, 2017 Juan Liu Pages 160-161

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