New Publication on the History of the Czechoslovak Corps in Russia

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Journal nameSlavianovedenie
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The review analyzes new publications on the history of the Czechoslovak Corps in Russia during the Civil War. We are talking about the memoirs of two Czechoslovak legionnaires, Lieutenant Frantisek Novak and Lieutenant Karel Prashil, published in Russian. These memoirs were translated from Czech in 2020-2021 and published in Yekaterinburg. The memoirs contain many important and interesting testimonies about the events of the First World War and the Russian Civil War. The stay of Czechoslovaks in captivity in Russia, the formation of military units from prisoners of war, their participation in military operations are described in detail. The memoirists pay attention to the uprising of the Czechoslovak Corps against the Bolsheviks and the subsequent service of the Czechoslovaks in Siberia. The memoirs are of considerable interest as evidence of crucial events in Russian history left by foreigners.

KeywordsCzechoslovak Corps, documentary publications, Civil War, historical sources, memoirs.
Publication date26.09.2022
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1. Kruchinin A.M. Chekhoslovatskije legionery v Rossii v 1914–1920 gg. Voprosy i otvety // Vesi. Literaturno-khudozhestvennyi, istoriko-krajevedcheskii zhurnal (Jekaterinburg). 2020. № 9 (167). Spetsial’nyi vypusk. S. 1–72.

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