Between Rome and Prague. Jan from Příbram - a Catholic Hussite and Hussite Catholic

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The article is devoted to the life and views a prominent figure in the Hussite movement of the 1420s–1440s – master Jan from Příbram. He took a unique compromise position between papal Rome and the Hussites. For a long time, Příbram was the formal head of the Utraquist Church and became one of the authors of its founding document, the Basel Compacts, yet he didn’t succeed in reaching a universal agreement. The article thoroughly considers the religious and social views of the reformer. The value of his personality for the Utraquism history and the Czech statehood is also analysed.

KeywordsJan from Příbram, Bohemia, fifteenth century, Hussites, Utraquism, Basel (Prague) Compacts, University of Prague, religious
Publication date26.03.2019
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