"Strive to fight…". The image of Vasily Konstantinovich Rostovsky in the Power Book

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Affiliation: The Institute of World Literature RAS. A. M. Gorky
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameRusskaya Rech’
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In this article the author writes about composition «The suffering of prince Vasilko Rostovskiy» included into «Stepennaya book». Vasilko Konstantinovich was one of the first old Russian princes who was martyred by members of the Horde. The last days of his life, his captivity, the death, the invention of the reliquiae and funeral in Rostov are described in the martyrology. The prince is characterised as a brave fighter and a wise governor. Vasilko Rostovskij's action (his rejection of suссumbing to an enemy in order to save his life) became an act to follow.


Keywordsold Russia, horde, prince, suffering, martyr, holy
Publication date15.10.2018
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