The role of music in the story of I.S. Turgenev "Klara Milich"

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Affiliation: Moscow Pedagogical State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameRusskaya Rech’
EditionIssue 5

Music and acoustic images tend to fulfill a supporting role in fiction, adding new meanings to the character profile or to the text idea. In I.S. Turgenev's «Clara Milich» novel music does not only provide an additional characterization of the heroine, but is one of the main means of creating its image. This article analysis musical episodes that have key importance in the creation of images of main characters, determines their influence on the interpretation of the conflict. Attention is also paid to the function of acoustic images to create a symbolic subtext of the story.


KeywordsI.S. Turgenev, «Clara Milich» novel, «mysterious story», music and acoustic images in the artwork, music and literature, synthesis of arts
Publication date15.10.2018
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