Issue 5

  • Volume: 82
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the stability of the regular Grioli precession in one particular case A. Markeev Pages 531-546
On a class of solutions of equations of the dynamics of a rigid body under the action of potential and gyroscopic forces G. Gorr Pages 547-558
On regular precessions of an asymmetric solid with a liquid filling V. Olshanskiy Pages 559-571
Synchronous precessions and self-oscillations of a statically unbalanced rotor with limited excitation Pyotr Tovstik / V. Bykov Pages 572-581
On the stability of the equilibrium of a mechanical system with tracking, potential and small dissipative forces P. Krasilnikov / A. Mayorov Pages 582-591
On the balance of "balancing stones" A. Ivanov Pages 592-598
About the impossibility of global stabilization of the Lagrange top I. Polekhin Pages 599-604
Solving boundary value problems for eigenvalues for linear Hamiltonian systems with a nonlinear dependence on the spectral parameter A. Gavrikov Pages 605-621
Periodic solutions of a second order differential equation with a large parameter V. Sazonov / A. Troitskaya Pages 622-630
Features of reachable areas with limited control impulse D. Burgov / A. Formalsky Pages 631-643
Exact solutions of the stationary Navier – Stokes equations of a viscous heat-conducting gas for a flat jet from a linear source M. Brutyan / P. Krapivsky Pages 644-656
Viscous gas flow between vertical walls V. Golubkin / Grigoriy Sizykh Pages 657-667
Analytical solution of the navigation problem on orthodromy in the Greenwich coordinate system P. Kucherenko / S. Sokolov Pages 668-669

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