Pharmaceuticals in Southeast Asia: reality and future prospects

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The article is dedicated to the analysis of the pharmaceutical industry, one of the most actively developing sectors of the world economy, in the region of "new development" — Southeast Asia. It was found that at the present in the countries located in the region under consideration, there is a gradual shift away from the purely production stages of drug manufacturing in favour of an intersectoral pharmaceutical complex. There is a functional diversification of the pharmaceutical industry with deepening corporate specialization. However, a pronounced specialization in the production of a particular type of product is characteristic only for countries with high and medium levels of development of the pharmaceutical industry — Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a gradual transformation of the territorial structure from monocentric — with a growth pole in the form of Singapore, to polycentric due to the growing contribution of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. A distinctive feature of the pharmaceutical industry in Southeast Asia is the enclave type of development of its territorial structure at the country level. A significant part of production facilities and research laboratories is concentrated in one (capital), less often in two centres (the case of Indonesia — West and East Java and Vietnam with industrial cores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City).

KeywordsPharmaceutical industry, medicines, pandemiс, location of production, Southeast Asia
Publication date18.10.2021
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