Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Society and Reforms
Exceptions and rules: success stories and bad governance in Russia (part 2) Vladimir Gel'man Pages 5-15
Youth of the CIS countries in the labor market: gender aspect Marina Baskakova / Irina Soboleva / Elena Kubishin Pages 16-30
Interrelation of intercultural competence and creativity among Russian students Mariya Bultseva / Nadezchda Lebedeva Pages 31-44
Foreign Experience of Modernization
Economic patriotism: the concept, the prerequisites for the emergence in Central and Eastern Europe (the practice of Hungary) Svetlana Glinkina Pages 45-58
Rule of Law and Antidiscrimination struggle compatibility: new choice between Equality and Freedom? (Example of the United States) Konstantin Yanovskiy / Sergey Zhavoronkov Pages 59-68
Modernization process in Taiwan: combination of Confucianism with capitalism Marine Demetradze Pages 69-78
Personality in Science
Tatyana Zaslavskaya as an Economist and Sociologist: the Way to Science and Life in Science Marina А. Shabanova Pages 79-86
Science in the 21st Century
The ideology of open science and the prospect of blockchain Svetlana Chernozub Pages 87-97
Russian Civilization
From “the Red Belt” to “the Bible Belt”: Historical Roots of the Shift in Russian Political Geography Andrey Shcherbak / Maria Ukhvatova Pages 98-113
Russia and Ukraine in Search of Mutual Understanding
The third Ukrainian republic. To the question of the periodization of history of Ukraine Victor Mironenko Pages 114-123
National Relations
Labor integration of migrants: objective or means? (International experience) Victor Komarovskiy Pages 124-132
Discourse of “economics” against discourse of “economic system”: from understanding Reality to the creation of meanings Olga Koshovets / Petr Orekhovsky Pages 133-148
Self-organization: theoretical and methodological foundations in the optics of the synergetic paradigm Marina Deryabina Pages 149-161
Adam Smith's “invisible hand”: content and role Yury Taranukha Pages 162-173
Traditional culture in a polycentric world. Article 2. Traditional culture in the context of the challenges of modernization. Russian experience in a comparative-historical perspective Olga Shemyakina Pages 174-186

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