South African experience in regulating parallel import of medicines

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Affiliation: Tver State University
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Journal nameObshchestvo i ekonomika
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The article provides an overview of the South African experience in the use and adaptation of parallel imports of medicines, as well as the prospects for the implantation of parallel imports in Russia. The main factors, the economic aspects and legal grounds for the introduction and regulation of parallel imports in South Africa are analyzed. The article provides an assessment of the impact of parallel imports on the formation of prices for pharmaceutical products.

The introduction of parallel imports in African countries led to a significant decrease in the prices for pharmaceutical products, which led to a positive trend in the pricing of medicines in national economies, which have significantly lower GDP per capita compared to developed countries. Despite this positive trend, there are still a lot of questions regarding the consequences of the introduction of parallel imports in developed and developing countries, which requires studying the achievements of those nations that obtained considerable expertise in this area.

Keywordsparallel import, pharmaceutical market, institutional framework, South Africa, Russia, integration of national economies
Publication date09.12.2021
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