Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the growth rate of disturbances in the turbulent Couette flow N. Nikitin / D. Pivovarov Pages 3-8
On modes of flow stability in a channel between coaxial cylinders E. Bord / V. Rudyak Pages 9-18
The anisotropic problem of Darcy convection: a family of stationary motions and its decay when cosymmetry is destroyed M. Abdelkhafiz / V. Tsybulin Pages 19-29
Influence of fluid viscosity on Faraday surface waves A. Bazilevsky / V. Kalinichenko / A. Rozhkov Pages 30-42
Control of the laminar-turbulent transition on the swept wing using surface microrelief M. Ustinov Pages 43-54
Simulation of the interaction of unsteady high-intensity turbulence flow with heat and mass transfer in the boundary layer on the surface V. Aleksin Pages 55-66
Features of the fields of pressure pulsations on the surface of the protrusions A. Golubev / S. Kuznetsov Pages 67-75
Numerical Simulation of the Interaction of a Supersonic Boundary Layer with an Acoustic Wave S. Gaponov / A. Semenov Pages 76-86
Model of Incompressible Fluid Flow with a Free Surface inside a Highly Porous Medium N. Leontiev / Е. Roshin Pages 87-93
Using Knudsen's thermal power to detect CO2 in a microscopic low pressure gas sensor M. Barzegar Gerdrodbari / A. Abdollakhi / D. Ganji / R. Moradi Pages 94-104
Experimental study of the nonstationarity of the interaction of a shock wave with a boundary layer Xyaolin Lyu / Sikhe Yi / Khaibo Nyu / Ksinkhey Chzhao Pages 105-115
Focusing the shock wave when interacting with a local region of a high-density gas O. Sutyrin / P. Georgievsky / V. Levin Pages 116-122
Viscous fluid flow during translational-oscillatory motion of a submerged porous ball N. Taktarov / N. Khramova Pages 123-131
Spectral characteristics of turbulent velocity pulsations at various Reynolds numbers E. Teodorovich Pages 132-141
Spectra and Energy Fluxes in the Dissipative Interval of Turbulent and Laminar Flows M. Verma / P. Kumar / A. Kumar / S. Barman / A. Chatterji / R. Samtaney / R. Stepanov Pages 142-155

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