Chile — 2020. Evolution of the political crisis

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Affiliation: Institute for Latin American Studies, RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameLatin America
EditionIssue 8

The article deals with the socio-political crisis in Chile, which began with the protest movement in October 2019, analyzes its causes and stages of development, and reveals the deep prerequisites caused by the specifics of the Chilean socio-political model. The author highlights the factor of social inequality, which was not overcome during the years of post-authoritarian democratic development, in the growth of social disillusionment and the formation of mass protest moods. The author also notes the increasing leftist trends in the political sphere, the weakening of traditional moderate-centrist parties, the increasing role of radical ideas. The adoption of the" New social agenda", the decision to hold a national plebiscite on the new Constitution, and the agreement of all significant political forces in November 2019 outlined a strategy for overcoming the crisis. Its further implementation depends on compliance with the agreements reached.

KeywordsChile, President Piñera, the political crisis, the protest movement, "New social agenda", a nationwide plebiscite
Publication date29.07.2020
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