The legal nature and role of local law-making at the present stage

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Affiliation: Russian state University of justice
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 9

The article is devoted to the problem of local rule-making, which the domestic law-prudence has recently paid insufficient attention. Traditionally, local acts are considered in relation to labor law. Meanwhile, local acts regulate not only the sphere of labor relations, but also a wide range of internal issues in individual enterprises, organizations, institutions, etc. The author States the emergence in our country of new subjects of local rule-making: self-regulatory organizations formed in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as uniting subjects of professional activity of a certain profile. In addition, the Institute of socially oriented non-governmental non-profit organizations, designed to complement the efforts of the state to provide social services to the population, has developed significantly. In the economic mechanism of Russia, along with small and medium-sized business structures, large business groups have appeared in the form of holdings, concerns, which are widely used by local acts to regulate intra-organizational relations with subsidiaries and other enterprises and organizations that are part of them. The article analyzes the legal nature of local acts of Russia. Special attention is paid to the possibilities of local law-making to react promptly to changes in public and public life, to carry out to a certain extent advanced regulation of certain spheres and segments of internal relations. 

Keywordslocal act, self-regulation, regulatory capacity, hierarchical subordination, bylaws, anticipatory regulation, detail, specification, primary and derived requirements, dualism, managerial influence, laws and regulations
Publication date31.10.2018
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