The idea of democracy in the content of modern ideology of law on national and international levels (Review of the monograph of a Doctor of Law, Professor A.D. Kerimov “Democracy: the experience of critical analysis”)

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Affiliation: Kikot’ Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Address: 12 Akademika Volgina str., 117997, Moscow, Russia
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow state University
Address: Lomonosovsky avenue, 119991 Moscow, Russia
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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The article is a review of the monograph of Professor A.D. Kerimov "Democracy: the experience of critical analysis" and is devoted to the problem of modern understanding of the idea of democracy in ideology of law as the most important element of its content.

Analyzing the work of A.D. Kerimov in the context of the overall Marxist (neo-Marxist) approach, the author characterizes the peer-reviewed work as a kind of deconstruction of the idea of democracy, an attempt to de-ideologue the phenomenon of domination and management in modern capitalist society.

Highly appreciating the study, the author emphasizes its importance in the formation of the most de-ideological, scientific view of political and legal reality. The approach demonstrated by A.D. Kerimov, allowed not only critically approach to the analysis of the idea of democracy and democratic "technology" of power, but also, identifying its shortcomings and weaknesses, to outline ways to solve the problems facing modern society.

Keywordsideology of law, democracy, bourgeois democracy, International Law, meritocracy, the idea of democracy, the concept of democracy, the value of democracy, values of law, international ideology of law, the structure of the international law and order, the conventional nature of international law and order, the principles of International Law
Publication date31.03.2020
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