Issue 8

  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Law and religion in an interdisciplinary interpretation V. Smirnov / K. Agamirov / E. Gabrelyan / A. Didikin / E. Dorovskih / V. Egorov / V. Lapaeva / A. Mihailov / O. Orlova / Vladimir N. Pligin / S. Polenina / E. Skurko / M. Supataev Pages 5-20
Discussions and Debates
On the theory of customs law of the Eurasian economic union: first glance the key issues M. Rulskay / Olga Bobrova / Anton Kojankov Pages 21-32
Rights and Freedoms of a Man and a Citizen
The problem of “protection”, “protect” and “ensure” the rights and freedoms of citizens and administrative functions of the police Alexey Grishenko Pages 33-44
Strengthening of Legality and Struggle with Criminality
Criminal proceeding language: some aspects generalization of judicial practice A. Vereshagina Pages 45-56
Defense efficiency in criminal cases through the perspective of legal relations between the defense lawyer with the suspect and the accused I. Dikarev Pages 57-66
Law and Economics
The need and features of public law regulation of economic safety in sphere of the consumer market in Russia Sergey Bratanovski / V. Panteleev Pages 67-76
Law and International Relations
Legal problems of states’ withdrawal from the statute of the international criminal court A. Myazev Pages 77-85
Modern legal regime territorial sea of Russia Vasiliy N. Gutsulyak Pages 86-95
In the Countries - Members of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Impact of constitutional changes on legal regulation of relationships between president and parliament in Kyrgyzstan G. Iskakova Pages 96-106
Modern challenges facing the administrative justice of Latin America R. Perlingeiro Pages 107-133
Scientific Reports
Concept of law in the context of the development of the state and society E. Lukianova Pages 134-139
To a problem of institutional aspect in the russian presidency Vadim Prokofiev Pages 140-145
Tribune of Young Scientists
Fraud in obtaining benefits: the judicial interpretation of the crime subject K. Chirkin Pages 146-151
Scientific Life
Allegiance to the constitution in the writings of N.V Vitruk: the fundamental concept and objective condition of the progress of society and the state N. Marokko / Oksana Kh. Molokaeva Pages 152-155
Overview of the iii all-russian scientific-practical conference “Topical issues of control and supervision in socially significant spheres of activity of society and state” Aleksei V. Martynov / M. Prilukov / I. Lyapin Pages 156-165
Criticisn and Bibliography
Review of the book: V.V. Ershov. Legal and individual regulation of social relations. Moscow: Russian state University of justice. Moscow: Russian state University of justice, 2018. 625 p. Mikhail Marchenko Pages 166-168
Review of the book: S.V. Polenina. The relationship of legal policy and culture and its reflection in the legislation. Moscow: Publishing House "Gorodets", 2016. 336 p. Alexandr V. Malko / A.P. Mazurenko Pages 169-172

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