Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Renewable energy sourcesasa risk factor for the development of russian energy companies V.L. Ulanov / D.Yu. Sazonov Pages 3-13
Models of interaction between power and gas supply systems at the present stage of energy development M.G. Sukharev Pages 14-20
Impact of forecasting horizon and uncertainty increase on the methods for competitiveness assessment of new power plants Yu.D. Kononov / D.Yu. Kononov Pages 21-30
New diagnostic methods for pipeline system reliability and safety increasing according to flow parameters M.G. Sukharev / K.O. Kosova Pages 31-39
About mutual inductance and electrodynamic forces of interaction of coaxial circuits G. Tsitsikyan Pages 40-45
Some topical theoretical and practical issues of transition to bivalent systems improving the centralized heat supply V.V. Sergeev / Ia.A. Vladimirov / L.V. Zyssin Pages 46-56
Development of computational software system "Bakis" for solving aquatic radioecological problems V.P. Merkushov / A.L. Krylov / A.V. Nosov / D.V Aron Pages 57-69
Dykhne problem for heat I.L. Dranikov Pages 70-72
Thermal persponse of a massive body to heat stroke on the basis of the hyperbolic type equations E.M. Kartashov / E.V. Nenakhov Pages 73-86
Combustion of lean hydrogen-based mixtures in spark ignition engine A.E. Smygalina / A.I. Tsyplakov / A.D. Kiverin / V.M. Zaichenko Pages 87-99
Investigation of the influence of structual and adjusting parameters of a quadruple-orifices electrohydraulic amplifier on the static characteristics of rocket pack streering actuator O.B. Belonogov Pages 100-107
About calculation the voltage of ignition of back arc – discharge into high-voltage plasma thermion diode V. Оnufriev / Е.V. Оnufrieva / Yu.М. Grishin / N. Sidnyaev / V. Sinyavsky / А.B. Ivashkin Pages 108-115
Application of average-pressure thermostabilization plants for panel-based spacecraft during on-ground tests A.A. Basov / V.I. Velyukhanov / K.A. Koptelov / A.A. Patsievskiy Pages 116-124
Appliance for air cooling og heat-generating equipment. Method of calculating of heat and hydraulic characteristics M.A. Leksin / A.A. Basov / Y.M. Prohorov / A.S. Miakochin Pages 125-137

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